Change of Heart

Drop by and tell us when you started watching the series and why you love Avonlea.
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Change of Heart

Post by TrueChristian » Tue Jul 09, 2019 12:33 am

After some deep contemplations and prayer, I've decided to forgive everyone who treated me badkly on this forum. It's what Jesus would do, or maybe Uncle Alex. when i posted last i was upset. I told my church group that this forum probably needed an intervention, or worse, an exorcism. I felt this forum was getting away from what avonlea is all about.... Communities. As hetty says a place to come home too. A plce where a young orphan named Anne Shirley can find a home and place to belong. So yes, i'm getting off this bright station train again, taking a deep breath and looking to rejoin this community i knows and love. Like our dear Anne, I want to live my life in pursuit of beauty and truth.

I also got exciting news. I'm writing a book about avonlea and am about 64% done. so don't be surprised if i ask you all for help completing it. its looking to be a best sellers and that means $$$. :D

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Re: Change of Heart

Post by Miss Lewis » Mon Jul 22, 2019 8:12 pm

Glad you had a change of heart. This forum always welcomes friendly discussion about RTA and Anne of Green Gables related things. It's ok not to agree with others sometimes. The key is to find respectful ways to disagree. Some my best discussions have been with people who have a different point of view than mine. Listening and learning are valuable skills.

Good luck on your book!

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