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Home is Where the Heart is (Season 6)

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 8:52 pm
by Miss Lewis
I just finished watching "Home is Where the Heart is". This is where Rachel Lynn leaves her son Billy's house to come back home to Avonlea. Only she has Stroke on the train ride home, is checked into a hospital, cannot speak and no one knows who she is. She "escapes" from the hospital and makes it to Rose Cottage (Way to go determined Rachel Lynn!). The episode follows Rachel's challenges at being sick, trying to talk and being frustrated at not being able to do things anymore.

Highlights of this episode for me are:
  • Rachel breaking a dish because of Ullele Bugle's gossiping comment about Rachel not being all there. Rachel is still very much herself. She can't talk but still she can express herself.

    Rachel's facial expressions at refusing to eat mush.

    Davy sneaking chocolate from Rachel's chocolate box when Rachel is not looking.
I really like Davey in Home is Where the Heart is. He "sneaks" Rachel a sandwich when he realizes she refusing to eat mush. He shows that he loves Rachel and he seems to understand her better than the others. I love that Hetty is so devoted to her friend, Rachel. There are ups and downs and yet Hetty stays through it all. The episode is masterpiece because when Rachel starts to sing, we are all cheering her on. Patricia Hamilton (Rachel Lynde) did an outstanding performance. She expressed so much without speaking.

It is not a light hearted episode but it has true has triumphants and love. After this watching "Home is Where the Heart is", I am so thankful that I can talk and walk without any trouble. It helps me be more understanding of those who face so much with health issues.

Re: Home is Where the Heart is (Season 6)

Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 6:09 pm
by Timothy
Thanks Miss Lewis for that great review! :D Patricia Hamilton did a great job with this role. She should have won a Gemini for best supporting actress, but while nominated, she didn't win.

The writing was very good in this too and Rachel is very believable, unlike her later appearance in "Davey and the Mermaid."