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Post by Oldbats » Fri May 04, 2007 8:31 am

I kinda enjoyed his presence, although perhaps if he had stayed on longer, I would have tired of his character. But he breathed a bit of life into Sara's character, and the series in general.

I think they could have gone about this in other ways, rather than using romance as the means. As Sara Polly said in an interview, she left the show because it was becoming too Americanized. I think part of that reason was because, toward the end, it did become more of a dating/romance type show, similar to what so many other American shows have.

Of course, the children had grown up, and romance would be a natural part of their lives at that point, and I'm glad that they didn't solely focus on that aspect. I quite enjoyed Felix and Izzy's romance, and was sad to see the show end without exploring that in greater depth.
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Post by AvonLea » Fri May 04, 2007 8:48 am

I never thought of that, Old Bats. About Avonlea becoming a romance show later on. But I agree. But what else could they have done? I mean, by now the comedy was used up and I think that viewers would have gotten tired of the plots Sullivan was coming up with. Maybe they didn't develop Felix and Izzy's character more to keep it away from a romance show. It is sort of sad sometimes to see the characters grow up and move away. I don't like change. :( But I'm not like my sister who cried when they changed people for Cecily. Yeah. She was crying because Cess was older, spunkier, and "fatter" as she put it. Not nice, I know, but she was distraught.

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