Avonlea Strikes Back!

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Avonlea Strikes Back!

Post by Timothy » Sun May 20, 2007 7:49 am

As previously mentioned, critics like Antonia Zerbisias--in an insulting 1990 Toronto Star article--equated viewing Avonlea to 'slurping up mounds of country fresh buttermilk, flapjacks oozing with sunny, yellow butter, and dark maple syrup with whipped cream and a cherry on top'. And Sarah Polley called the show "the most sugar-coated, unrealistic depiction of Canadian history ever."

In a May 11th article in the Globe and Mail, John Doyle sticks it to these misguided Avonlea critics: :)

Luna is feel-good but far from flimsy
Globe and Mail By JOHN DOYLE

There is a genre of TV drama that Canadians used to be very good at producing: wholesome family pieces that were never so insipid that they could to be dismissed.

In the TV-series category, think back to Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea, classics of this kind of TV. We used to make a lot of TV that was pretty, pastoral and vaguely Victorian, but not empty-headed.

In wholesome TV movies about contemporary life, Canadian dramas were notable for their acuity. They were good-natured but they declined to sugarcoat life. Often, after the sweetness, a cold blast of Northern grimness put things in perspective.

We haven't been especially adept in the family TV-movie genre for some time, but there is still some integrity in what we do.


Great work John Doyle! You are friend to Avonlea--A show that has stood the test of time. (And as a note--CBC has been killed in the ratings since Avonlea ended) So take that bitter pill of reality with your flapjacks Zerbisias. :)

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Post by Oldbats » Tue May 22, 2007 10:44 am

Great information!

I don't understand how someone could be that bitter and morally empty to attack a show like Avonlea, which only sought to promote healthy family values.

I think most viewers don't take the show as a literal interpretation of life all over turn of the century Canada. But aside from that, what I've read about even current day PE Island, things are bit more wholesome there than on the mainland.

I don't see the purpose of attacking this beloved show! It is really a sad thing to see happen, that someone is so bitter as to lash out at anything that doesn't portray the world as a cesspit of filth. I think we have enough of that in mainstream TV anyway.
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