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Episode Spotlight

4.8: Heirs and Graces
Hetty is alarmed when the new hotel owner, Simon Tremayne, refuses to invite the Duke of Arranaugh to the Avonlea Founder's Day celebration. When Felix discovers royal plates among the hotel owner's possessions, speculation is sparked about Mr. Tremayne's mysterious background.
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This Day in Avonlea History

September 26, 1999- John Greyson's The Law of Enclosures, featuring Sarah Polley (Sara Stanley) began shooting. Polley described it as 'the story of a married couple.' 2003- My Life Without Me, featuring Sarah Polley was released.

Quote of the Day

I'm warning you Sara, if you pursue this acting nonsense that Pigeon person will have you running off galavanting halfway around the world like a gypsy.
~Hetty King

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