I never liked the Stewart character even when I was a little kid and watched it. I thought I don’t see someone like felicity being with a guy like that because both of them don’t seem compatible. Also I think she would think he was too old for her. Just like when Sarah was fascinated with Zac Morgan...
Episode 7.1: Out of the Ashes in Joomla Article
I thought this series finale was very satisfying. It's hard to find a series that ends on such a nice note. Now it seems less satisfying when I think about Happy Christmas, Miss King. But maybe I'll change my mind when I rewatch HCMK.
The age gap between Felicity and Stuart kind of creeps me out. He's definitely old enough to be her father lol. I guess this was probably normal back then (but still creepy tho). I didn't think it was weird for Seth to get remarried so quick. Really, waiting a year to do so seems odd when you think ...
Episode 7.1: Out of the Ashes in Joomla Article
My favorite episode!! I just rewatched it and loved it as much as the first time. Jackie really shines in this episode and it really solidified Hetty as my favorite character.
Episode 5.2: Memento Mori in Joomla Article
I kind of understand where Sarah is coming from. But, I don’t think the series is childish. I guess she would’ve preferred something like Netflix’s Anne with an E, which I like but it became unrealistic in updating the book for modern audiences. Emily of New Moon also comes to mind. It dealt with a ...
I wished season 7 would've spent more time on the orphan Dean siblings and watching them emerge out of dreadful circumstances. Their refuge in Old Lady Lloyd's abandoned home reminds us that there was a fragile safety net for children at that time. Families could be struck down by disease in an in...
Episode 7.1: Out of the Ashes in Joomla Article
As much as I like Sarah, I hate how much she criticizes the show. I still think "Moving On" is a rather good episode and important Sara's development as a character. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of Sara's "love interest" in season five so I can't be objective about that. Call him creepy all you ...
Harmony Cramp as Cecily was my favourite actor on "Road To Avonlea." Harmony's portrayal of Cecily was faithful to the mild mannered, sweet tempered Cecily King depicted in L.M. Montgomery's "The Story Girl" and "The Golden Road." When the series deviated so much from the stories, it was refreshing ...
Episode 5.9: Thursdays Child in Joomla Article
Hi Mahsa, it's because the episode page vote on this page is my own personal grade. The Power rankings grade is the combined community grade for this episode (based on the star rating at the top of each episode page). In hindsight, the community was probably right in many cases. All That Glitters...
How come this episode is grade A here but C- in power rankings?!
I actually liked the episode with the lesson of how Sara could use her inheritance by being a patron of the arts. The best part was when Robby Benson portrayed a goofy Sherlock Holmes type and called himself Reichenbach. (Reichenbach Falls is where Sherlock Holmes died in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ...
Allyson Oplinger
Ok I’m a wreck. Gus’s speech about never seeing Felicity’s face again reminds me of my husband. I burst into tears! Such a beautifully written episode. Gus and Felicity have grown as characters and actors. Bravo!
Episode 7.11: Return to Me in Joomla Article
Allyson Oplinger
I love this episode! The writing harkens back to the first three seasons. It all focused on an elderly girl and the story about dementia is very true to life. Choked up at the end
Allyson Oplinger
Season seven is such a disappointment. It’s as though I’m watching a spin off of the original show. I miss Sarah, Felicity, the original Cecily , and how well written the show used to be. It used to be a Lucy Maud Montgomery show. By this season it’s a sitcom with no emotional development.
And Sel...
Episode 7.7: Total Eclipse in Joomla Article
Allyson Oplinger
I found this episode more obnoxious than funny. Why did the girls feel they had to rush to the jewelry store at the end? It made no sense.
However the love between Alec and Janey is so potent that it makes up for it.
In “Davey and the Mermaid” the Midway comes to Avonlea, much to Hetty King’s dismay (her choking gasp upon hearing the idea was a big laugh for me). This episode puts young Davey and Mrs. Lynde on parallel tracks in the land of wonderment. Davey is smitten by a sideshow Mermaid, believing she is ...
Allyson Oplinger
I was crying when she and Hetty were working together. Their friendship is so genuine and you can see the love between the two. When Hetty tells Olivia that “I’ve known Rachel my whole life” and that she can’t see giving her up to her sons, I really got choked up. Great episode!
Allyson Oplinger
I think Nat is a breath of fresh air. He is funny and I like him.
Episode 6.7: A Fox Tale in Joomla Article
Giant Cecily IS shocking. Her voice is too deep, her body too large, her hair too young. Her acting is fine, except that we are used to Harmony and this new gal is NOT the Cecily we grew up with.
My biggest issue with this episode is the bad acting by the kid who plays Louis. Terrible actor and the...
Episode 6.3: Christmas in June in Joomla Article
Allyson Oplinger
Here are my two issues with this episode:
1. If they are staying with this woman at Rose cottage, where is Sarah? With her being so inquisitive and romantic and nature I would think she would be totally into this mystery.
2. Gus’s “talk” with Felicity is too abrupt, he doesn’t make a “move” sexual...
I always appreciate new information on the world news.
Allyson, how long do you think it would take for Arthur to be on a train back to Avonlea once he heard Felicity was available? My guess is that it would be immediately.
Allyson Oplinger
Why didn’t Arthur return in season 7 as a love interest instead of new character, Stuart? Would have made even more sense
What if Al Pacino starred as "Stuart McRae" in season 7? That would have been explosive! That's interesting Adelita about the Irish Man being based on Sheeran's "I Heard You Paint Houses." I haven't seen the movie, but Sheeran tells the most likely story about what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.
Irishman Review : Fabulous! Joe Pesci ,Al Pacino ,Robert Deniro etc all great movie. This movie has more than book Paint Houses. Recommend anybody likes crime movies & drama movies you must see this one !As a fan of Pesci,Deniro,Pacino a shout out to you and hug kiss too.Keep up great work -Can'...
This is outright bullying! Izzy is tying to be herself and the other kids are bullying her into being something that she's not. Instead we get a bigoted 90's cop out where she is forced into gender conversion therapy by the status quo and pretending that some moral problem was solved. Terrible.
Episode 5.4: A Friend in Need in Joomla Article
Hi Jocelyn, you might be thinking of May the Best Man Win with Jasper and Olivia taking a picture of Teddy Armstrong. Both great episodes all around!
Episode 6.2: Lonely Hearts in Joomla Article
I keep thinking about his episode because it is so out of place with the entire series. I think what really get's me is that we are supposed to feel sorry for the Countess because she has to sell her jewelry so she an take a first class train and meal that will cost a fortune. The man at train sta...
Wasn't there an episode with Lester and his son when Olivia and Jasper took a photo of him eating blueberry pastries? I think he said his mom had died. In this episode the mother is alive, pregnant, and with 8 children.
Episode 6.2: Lonely Hearts in Joomla Article
Just a few thoughts as I make my way through the series . Oh my goodness I felt so bad for Simon Tremaine. I really do hope he and Hetty get together. Oh, can I ask when did Avonlea get a soda counter? And did that Nat not look way too old for those girls?!? It was positively creepy watching him fl...
Episode 6.2: Lonely Hearts in Joomla Article