It depends on what type of writing. I can see Hetty writing an etiquette book of the age to instruct on proper decorum. However, I can't see her writing worldly romance novels. It's funny, because her publisher drops her in Momento Mori because she lacks the life experience to write these books. We...
This makes me sad for both sides. I like both. It will be interesting to see how this goes. As a fan I hope it gets settled without a lot of slander.
That's so interesting! I always found that story line out of place; its nice to know where it came from. I would have preferred if Hetty had just remained a teacher, although her being a writer is in line with her personality.
Actually, if you pay close attention to Anne with an E, you can see that they clearly "borrowed" things from Sullivan's version. Things that were not included in the books. The reasons that you are including here are probably the least of them, which I am sure would come out if this case progresses ...
I didn't realize her brother was also in the hotel business. I knew Jackie's ex-husband was in the 60's band Loving Spoonful but this latest family connection was unknown to me.
You're probably right. I remember they use to sell 'Marilla's jewelry.' I can just picture a mortified Marilla seeing her jewelry flaunted to the masses.
Ryan B.
I think Jackie's brother Gary still operates that Bed and Breskfast in Niagara. I never knew it was originally operated by their mother.
Ryan B.
Yeah it looks like they're taking other gift basket related items and just slapping an Anne label on them..
I agree this is one of the best episodes and a great way to end the second season with an ensemble cast! It's currently ranked 9th all time on the Episode ratings list. That's a good find Ryan about Andrew playing hockey in 'The Last Winter.' You're probably right that this is why they brought him...
Maybe he's not making enough from the cracked slate face scrub?
Ryan B
This may be my favourite episode of the series! Well maybe second after Proof of the Pudding. Looking back at this episode now I think the likely reason Andrew's in this episode is because his actor, Joel Blake, can play hockey. Joel can also be seen playing hockey in his other acting credit "The La...
Ryan B.
Most of Disneys early productions from the 1930's and 40's feature quite a bit of drinking and smoking. Now the newest dvd releases of those films have these PSA's at the beginning of each film warning of the dangers of alcohol and tobacco use. Disney has really changed.
Ryan B.
Wow! Sullivan must really need money..
Thank you Katie! It's refreshing to hear an alternative perspective of this episode. If you think that Hetty is out of character, wait until you see 'A Dark and Stormy Night' and the 4th seasons' Lady and the Blade. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on other episodes.
Episode 2.12: A Mother's Love in Joomla Article
Katie Kost
I have to say this episode bothered me a ton. Hetty seemed so out of character. She doesn't stick me as the fawning type and totally babies Sarah in this episode. I felt like the writers just changed her to fit a story they wanted to write. oh and I love this site. Especially as my husband just...
Episode 2.12: A Mother's Love in Joomla Article
I can honestly say that my boys and I loved the tales of avonlea. We believed it was wholesome and had much merit. There were many instances of family values, morals and love. Maybe if more shows spent time on providing good values and truth even with heartbreak and comedy we would have a better wo...
Hey Felicity, I remember that when you had to pay more for Disney and Avonlea was the #1 prime time show on the channel. That was amazing. You are so right about these serious issues addressed by the series like Cecily's TB. I didn't realize how much the cast and producers were fighting Disney cr...
At the time Disney was whole some family television programing. You had to pay extra to get Disney Channel. Unlike it is now all about money.At the time Disney only showed shows with family values. I do believe Avonlea was teaching lessons and family values and touched on serious issues of the time ...
I agree! I've often felt that the Gus&Felicity relationship was more about the two of them growing to deserve the other, Gus in his ambition to educate himself and rise above his constraints and Felicity to mature and see the value in everyone. And the beautiful part is that they help each other...
Episode 3.11: High Society in Joomla Article
Macy, you're onto something here. It's awkward because Eliza was never supposed to go to England. She was originally scripted to die in this episode and that was supposed to be her grave at the end, presumably buried on the island. That's why she doesn't appear in 'So Dear to My Heart' at Felicity...
I liked this episode, even if it wasn't the best. I thought the ending was kind of awkward. Did we really need to see Aunt Eliza go to England? Couldn't they have just cut it off at the train part? The transition just wasn't smooth.
I'm not sure if I would ever watch this movie again. It was so disappointing!! Too many unanswered questions, a reunion movie is suppose to answer them, not create more! I'll probably always wonder about Elbert, did he survive or not?... And they really shortchanged Felix's storyline. Zach has prove...
Happy Christmas Miss King in Joomla Article
Lol Macy, I think you're right .
Strippers Outrage Avonlea Fans in Joomla Article
lol They definitely overreacted. If something like that happened when I was little, my mom would've just covered my eyes and muted the TV until it was over. Honestly, most children wouldn't even know what strippers are.
Strippers Outrage Avonlea Fans in Joomla Article
Layla Lilley
good post love to read this
The sad part is that our last memory of Harmony Cramp in the series is of her coughing and being bed-ridden with disease. At least Harmony appeared to have no lasting hard feelings about being ousted from the show, as I see she was a familiar face at the AV Con's.
The scene where Sara dresses down for church to make Peter feel less self-conscious combines two stories in the LMM literature.

In The Story Girl, when Peter attends church for the first time, he is considered to have dressed “quite respectable” and no one changes what they wear on his behalf.

Episode 1.7: Conversions in Joomla Article
Thank you for all your comments. Michael, I never noticed that before. I do remember trying to understand what Cecily was saying. If Lally was able to correct it on the spot then that was a good "thinking in the moment" save of that scene. Does anyone have the Bantam Skylark book for this episode...
It is interesting to guess whether Cecily said the following line as scripted or she mixed up a couple words and they left it in. In the episode’s second minute, she says to her mother about Aunt Abigail, “Clemmie Ray’s mother says she’s a dyed-in-the-old wool maid.” Even though Cecily was the you...