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Keeping Those Disney Episode Titles Straight

2 months 1 week ago #42 by Michael G
I remember my old VHS tapes were labeled with the Disney episode titles from season's 1 and 2. "Song of the Night" (Disney) was "Old Lady Lloyd" (Sullivan). As much as he hated the Disney influence, It appears that Sullivan liked one Disney title so much that he used it surreptitiously. The season 1 Sullivan DVD box labels episode 4 "Secrets and True Love" but when the episode is played, it is titled "The Materializing of Duncan". Also, does anyone remember a Disney title "Facts and Fictions" and what Sullivan episode it matches up with? Anybody favor certain episode titles over others or notice any oddities with such?

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2 months 1 week ago #45 by timothy
I like the title "Song of the Night," but I probably wouldn't have changed it from the Montgomery title.

I noticed that mix-up in the box set naming between "Materializing" and "Secrets." The box set production appeared rushed, to say the least. Remember that you had to flip the DVD over to watch additional episodes?

I like the title "The Daring Deception of Maggie MacPhee" instead of the generic "What A Tangled Web We Weave," despite the mediocre episode. For years this title was discussed but nobody knew where it came from. Then I came across an Ottawa Citizen article that mentioned it. Apparently, this was the working title for the episode and was later changed.

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