Welcome to the Avonleapedia! A comprehensive A-Z reference guide to characters and locations from the series Road to Avonlea. Each character is listed based on the first letter of their last name. (For instance, Hetty King is listed under the letter 'K.')


H.E. La Roi Esq.
Alice Hardy
Maggie Hardy
Nathanial Hardy
John Harrison
David Haas
Lilian Hepworth
Mr. Herschel
Wally Higgins
Adeline Hodgson
John Hodgson
Buck Hogan
Honkey Tonkey Donkey
Captain Horn
Ada Hubble
Hannah Hubble
Heath Hymus




Jamieson Shipliner Company
Abner Jefferies
Dr. Jones


Davey Keith
Dora Keith
Mary Keith
Alec King
Andrew King
Arabella King
Cecily King
Daniel King
Felicity King
Felix King
Hetty King
Heziah King
Janet King
Josiah King
Olivia King
Roger King
Knights of P.E.I.


Pierre Jean LaPierre
Edward "Ed" Lawson
Elvira Lawson
Reverand Leonard
Agnes Rushdon Leslie
Lester and King Fox Farm
Becky Lester
Donny Lester
Lionel Lester
Nat Lester
Wiley Lester
Margaret Lloyd
Sara Lloyd
Louie (Last name unknown)
Megget Lydie
Billy Lynde
Robert Lynde
Rachel Lynde


Gurney MacDonald
Robert 'Lucky' MacEwen
Abigail MacEwen
Malcolm MacEwen
Adele MacPhee
Maggie MacPhee
Maid of Calais
Nellie Malbeau
Count Marek
Miss Marsden
Duncan McBean
Ms. McGee
Angus McCorkndale
Margaret McCorkndale
Laura McDonald
McGinty (first name unknown)
Eleanor McHugh
Bert McKay
McKinnon Road
Arthur McMillian
William McMillian
Addy McNeil
Bret McNulty
Ian McNulty
Jim McNulty
Stuart McRae
Duncan McTavish
Melusina the Mermaid
Percy Methley
The Misfits
Suzette Moreau
Marshall Zak Morgan
Mr. Morley
Jane Morris (deceased)
Robert Morris (deceased)
Mother's Own Magazine
Lilly Murdock


Matt O'Donnel
Opportunities in Canada for Young Men
Edward Osbourne

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