Time Frame: Summer-Winter 1905/1906

Jasper and Olivia are married, despite a bitter fued with Hetty over the wedding arrangements. Sara switches places with a look alike ruffian in order to escape Hetty's disciplinarian methods. Felix starts his own delivery service with the King horse Blackie, but a terrible accident occurs during a competition with a business rival. Felicity is invited to apply for a scholarship at Kingscourt Ladies College in Nova Scotia. In an effort to impress her fellow Kingsport peers, Felicity claims that her real parents were dead and that she was the inheritor of a vast fortune. Marilla Cuthbert dies without a will, leaving Rachel Lynde to fight for Green Gables.

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When Hetty catches Jasper and Olivia's trying to elope, she takes full charge of their wedding arrangements. Panic ensues as Olivia's wedding dress is misplaced and the wedding appears to be in shambles. 

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Sara befriends a petty thief named Jo Pitts, who looks exactly like her. When Hetty's disciplinarian nature becomes too much for Sara to tolerate, she switches places with Jo. 

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Gus makes a deal with his infamous father, Abe Pike, in order to free Sara from his clutches. Jo Pitts continues to wreak havoc on the King Family and terrorizes Hetty to the point of hysteria.

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Alec purchases a new horse and has plans to sell the aging horse Blackie. Felix starts his own delivery service in order to keep Blackie at King farm.

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Hetty resigns as school teacher after being criticized for pushing her students too hard for an upcoming history bee. An eccentric actor, Alistair Dimple, replaces Hetty and teaches the children through a method of play-acting and theatrics. 

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Janet joins the suffragette movement and campaigns for equal wages for the cannery workers. Her struggle and absence from King farm puts tremendous stress on her family and marriage.

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Gus encounters the mysterious Amanda Stone and is caught in a game of cat and mouse with her pursuer, the villainous Robert Rutherford.

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Janet and her sister Abigail quarrel when they visit an auction with Hetty and Olivia. Alec, Jasper, Felix and Gus go ice fishing while Sara and Felicity look after Lucky MacEwen. 

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Felicity takes Janet's comb without permission to wear for a social colloquiam, but loses the family antique after an altercation with Felix. Janet believes that she has lost the comb and must endure pressure to wear the heirloom from Hetty, Olivia and Alec. 

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Jasper conducts scientific research on bats with a visiting colleague, Dr. Sydney Carver. Olivia becomes jealous when Jasper and Sydney begin spending considerable time together.

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Felicity is invited to apply for a full scholarship at Kingscourt Ladies College in Nova Scotia. In an effort to impress her fellow Kingsport peers, Felicity claims that her real parents were dead and that she was the inheritor of a vast fortune. 

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The traveling shoe salesman, Wally Higgins, comes to Avonlea and becomes enthralled by Hetty's shoe size. Wellington Campbell claims that he owns part of King property, which sparks an inevitable conflict with Hetty.

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When Marilla Cuthbert dies, Rachel Lynde must cope with her friend's passing and the full responsibility of taking care of the Keith twins. Mr. Harrison continues a long time feud with Rachel and bids to purchase Green Gables. 

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