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Road to Avonlea

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LM Montgomery

The L.M. Montgomery Literary Society
L.M. Montgomery Institute
Personal Scrapbook and Book Covers
Online Library

Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables Wiki New

Set and Settings

Prince Edward Island Official Website
Road to Avonlea -Uxbridge
Dalvay by the Sea (White Sands Hotel)


Avonlea, Village of Anne of Green Gables

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Cast Sites

Zachary Bennett (Felix King)
The Fans of Zach Bennett (Yahoo Groups)

Mag Ruffman (Olivia King/Dale)
ToolGirl Mag Ruffman's Official Web Log
The Unofficial Mag Ruffman

Michael Mahonen (Gus Pike)
Admiring Michael: A Michael Mahonen Fansite
Mickey Vision 
My Michael Mahonen Site

Sarah Polley (Sara Stanley)
Memorable Scenes of Sarah Polley
This is Not A Dream: The Sweet Pull of Sarah Polley
Sarah Polley Fan Club at Yahoo Groups
The Unofficial Sarah Polley Home Page 

Gema Zamprogna (Felicity King/Pike)
Gema's Corner

Discussion Lists

Road to Avonlea Forum
Avonlea - It Was Love At First Site
Sullivan Entertainment Forums
Avonlea Kindreds
Avonlea Village

Fan Sites

Adventurous: The Fan Listing for Felix King
Ain't That the Pistol: The Unofficial Jasper Dale Home Page
Auntie Janet's Rose Garden
Avonlea.tv: remembering Avonlea with Jan
Avonlea: A Place to Come Home To
Avonlea: A Place Where Your Dreams Come True
Avonlea Dreams
Avonlea Insider
Avonlea Vignettes
Avonlea Treasures
Avonlea White Sands
The Definitive Road to Avonlea
Felicity King Online
A Field of Wisteria
The Golden Road to Avonlea
Gus and Felicity [dot] com
Jamie and Chelsea's Avonlea
The Journey Begins: A Road to Avonlea Fan Listing
Kerry and Christon's Avonlea webpage
Lisa and Julie's Road to Avonlea
Neighbor's of Avonlea
Not Just Another Avonlea Site
Our Avonlea
Rosebuddz Road to Avonlea Page
Road to Avonlea: The Eighth Season
Road to Avonlea Exclusive
Road to Avonlea in Japan
Road to Avonlea Reviews  New
V.A.D.'s (Virtual Avonlea Dating)

Fan Fiction

Road to Avonlea: The Eighth Season
Road to Avonlea Fan Fiction at FanFiction.net
Harmony's Road to Avonlea Fan Fiction

Online Reading

Anne of Green Gables
The Story Girl
The Golden Road
Chronicles of Avonlea
Further Chronicles of Avonlea


IMDb Listing
Wikipedia Entry for Road to Avonlea




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Emily Hackett
I always felt something for Simon. He was one of my favorites on the show. Was he an unpopular chara...
I thought Sara's "Felix this is my revenge!" and Felixs "who cares, it's too much fun" response were...
I considered watching this episode again even though I don't like it just to see Stuart McRae as som...