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1 year 6 months ago #22 by Marie
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What are your thoughts about Sullivan? I've got mixed feelings. I recently downloaded the Gazebo app and bought the Anne series (digital this time around.. 4th time buying it in a new format), Road to Avonlea, Avonlea Christmas and behind Green Gables. I was watching the behind the scenes of Green Gables the other day and could only get through half of it as I felt it was just constant bragging. I'm also a little disappointed that this wouldn't have been a free add on when purchasing the Anne trilogy.

I would love to see Road to Avonlea come back, in 4K, with a larger budget. I wonder if Sullivan would do it? I haven't seen much, if any, production from them in recent years. All I see in the store are random items with Anne of Green Gables printed on them that I do not believe could be part of Anne or Avonlea.

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1 year 6 months ago #23 by Michael G
Replied by Michael G on topic Sullivan Entertainment
Professionally speaking, I have utmost respect for Kevin Sullivan. The renaissance of Anne of Green Gables lies at his directorial feet. The shots of Anne walking up to Green Gables for the first time and her entrance through the front door perfectly set up her intense desire to stay. Another top-notch segment was the green hair/end of trial scenes shot in the bedroom and kitchen. When I watch the PBS version, the scenes don’t pop, they lack the Sullivan touch of knowing how to bring out the warmth and humor in the characters. Sullivan also knew when things needed to be re-shot, as can be found on the deleted scenes where the haunted forest walk and the final scene with Anne and Gilbert worked to much better effect.--Michael

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1 year 6 months ago #24 by Marie
Replied by Marie on topic Sullivan Entertainment
That's a very good point. I am a fan of the mini series and have to give props to the location scout, as the locations in Ontario work amazingly.

In regards to the behind the scenes episode, I think it could have been complimentary versus a paid add on and I would have liked some more recent interviews from people (those who were available).

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1 year 6 months ago #29 by timothy
Replied by timothy on topic Sullivan Entertainment
I remember that the behind the scenes segments left a lot to be desired. It seemed like the RTA behind the scene clips were just promoting the episodes and not really offering anything that interesting. I rarely use these segments for my episode notes because they seldom tell us anything new.

It reminds me of one of the last issues of the Avonlea Chronicle newsletter or fan club letter Sullivan used to publish. Nearly the entire edition was about general filming techniques. I was more interested in things like why Andrew left or what the cast thought about Blair Stanley dying.

That's spot on Michael about the difference between the Sullivan films and the PBS version. Sullivan did have a knack for creating amazing visuals and atmosphere from the works.

I would like to see the series return but I'm doubting that Sullivan has the will to revisit Montgomery's works. What he should do is hand the reins over to another director/producer.

Wouldn't it be interesting if he let Sarah Polley write and direct a Road to Avonlea reunion? Sure Sarah said she hated the series, but she couldn't hate it that much if she returned for the series final. Much of Sarah's disdain is because she felt the show didn't tackle real world issues. This would be her chance to tell the story from her perspective.

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