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Time Frame: Summer-Winter 1905/1906

Jasper and Olivia are married, despite a bitter fued with Hetty over the wedding arrangements. Sara switches places with a look alike ruffian in order to escape Hetty's disciplinarian methods. Felix starts his own delivery service with the King horse Blackie, but a terrible accident occurs during a competition with a business rival. Felicity is invited to apply for a scholarship at Kingscourt Ladies College in Nova Scotia. In an effort to impress her fellow Kingsport peers, Felicity claims that her real parents were dead and that she was the inheritor of a vast fortune. Marilla Cuthbert dies without a will, leaving Rachel Lynde to fight for Green Gables.


Emmy Awards
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (Christopher Lloyd) 

Emmy Award nominations
Outstanding Children's Program 
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Dramatic Series (Kate Nelligan) 

Cable Ace Awards
Best Dramatic Series

Cable Ace Award Nominations
Best Dramatic Series 
Best Writing in a Dramatic Series (Charles Lazar) 

Gemini Awards
Best Leading Actor (Cedric Smith) 
Best Guest Performance in a Series (Kate Nelligan) 
Best Direction in a Series (Allan King)