Eliza Ward returns and begins her usual clammoring, except this time it includes premonitions of death. 

Writer: Deborah Nathan 
Director: Otta Hanus 
With: Kay Tremblay as Eliza Ward and David Fox as Clive Pettibone 
Original CBC Airdate:
Original Disney Airdate: November 29, 1993 
Run Time: 47 minutes


Eliza's constant requests put pressure on the King family, especially Felix, who has to give up his room for the elder Ward. In an attempt to rid Eliza and reclaim his room, Felix turns off the heat to the room.

While consequently having to sleep in the warm kitchen, Eliza overhears Janet's critical comments toward her and attempts to leave King Farm on foot.

Hetty informs Alec that Eliza stood up to Janet's strict father so that she could marry Alec. When Janet discovers Eliza's departure, she tracks her Great Aunt down and brings her back to King Farm.

Alec faces a crisis when the lambs face possible death due to cold exposure. Sara and Felix rescue the lambs while using the heat generating bicycle they discovered in Jasper's workshop, which also provides warmth for Eliza.

Cold and death are terms that are linked together as metaphors for the isolation that Eliza experiences by feeling alone in her old age and the rejection she receives from the King family. The concepts of warmth is expressed through the reconciliation that the family makes with Eliza.

The warmth from the lightbulbs saves the King lambs in the literal sense, and the warmth of the King family saves Eliza's spirit in the figurative sense.


Eliza tells Felicity that her first love was a union soldier, Lyle Prescott. Apparently, it was forgotten that Eliza's first love was Timothy Cotton, explained in How Kissing Was Discovered.

Rhetorical Questions

Wasn't it typical for Felicity to check herself in the mirror after Eliza mentioned that she had a "pinched" look?

Wasn't it convenient for Sara to start wearing long pants in an episode where she would have to ride a bike?

Memorable Quotes

"A month, two months... Oh who can say how much longer I'm intended to be on this earth for heaven's sake." -Eliza Ward

"School has nothing to do with life Felicity." -Felix King

Sap Meter: 4

Eliza talks about a previous love, telling Felicity: You should do what your heart tells you to do. No matter whatever people say."


(1) Arthur was in Nova Scotia and was unable to assist the Kings with the lambs.

Grade: A


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People in this conversation

  • Michael G.

    It wouldn't be a visit from Aunt Eliza without her giving Felicity an uncomplimentary comment about her appearance. This time she tells Felicity that she has that "pinched look" common to the King family. This is a running joke since it's the third time, once in each of the last three seasons, that Felicity's vanity was put into question by Aunt Eliza.

  • Lucy

    She starts out quite critical, but it's always clear she has good intentions, and frankly, I find Eliza adorable. I would love to have an Aunt Eliza. She's also very elderly, but very spry! lol She is a wealth of knowledge and about natural remedies, which I love. She helps out with the children, and lots of other things, and she did not help Janet only once, she also came down quite hard on Alec, when Janet was pregnant and he kept doing some daft things. Her combo of little old lady, who is also free spirited and opinionated, with her old fashioned clothing and British heritage is just so endearing to me. I wish there were Aunt Elizas everywhere.