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Episode 6.6: Great Expectations - 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Hetty arranges a plan for Davy to work at the cannery in an effort to make him dislike work and appreciate school.

Writer: Laurie Pearson 
Director: Charles Wilkinson 
Special Guest Star: R.H. Thomson as Jasper Dale 
With: Richard McMillan 
Original CBC Airdate: February 19, 1995 
Time Frame: Summer-early fall 1909


Davy continues to get into trouble at school when he copies Dora's math homework. He's eventually caught by Clive Pettibone and forced to stand in a corner. Davy rebels and runs away from school, only to be caught by Olivia.

In an effort to make Davy appreciate school, Hetty pushes Davy to experience the hardships of work at the cannery. When Davy showed up late for work, he attempted to reset the time clock and ended up breaking the instrument.

Jasper relates to Davy's awkwardness and tries to build his confidence by providing him with several meaningful tasks. He makes Davy his personal secretary and begins to teach him taxonomy. Hetty becomes upset when their plan does not drive Davy back to school.

Jasper and Davy win a race during a get together for the cannery workers. Afterwards, Jasper takes on Davy as an apprentice. Davy eventually returns to school


Stock footage of Rose Cottage from earlier seasons is shown without the brown trim.

Rhetorical Questions

Isn't it strange how Golden Milestone looks different in almost every episode?

Wasn't it funny how Hetty attempted to look dignified after being plastered by Davy with Jasper's 'Aqua vacuum?'

Memorable Quotes

"How hard can it be to make a little boy hate work?" -Olivia Dale

"Now my oldest Nat there... He's inherited my good looks." -Lionel Lester

Sap Meter: 0

Grade: C


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  • Newbie

    Ok, maybe someone can explain why no one told Davey to turn the thing OFF instead of shouting over it for a solid two minutes.

    Anyway, the touble I've had with Davey from almost the beginning was that most of the time, the trouble he gets into isn't his own fault. I found it very Anne-like in that her intentions were not bad, but the execution of them went awry through no fault of her own. I find that on occasion Davey definitley will do wrong intentionally, but mostly it seems to be mishaps, miscommunications, accidents, wrong place wrong time, etc. As opposed to novel Davey where he really does do wrong intentionally pretty much all the time.