Vampire Hunters

Izzy, Gus, and their friends discover a mysterious estate that holds a haunting secret. Could this be the dwelling of the legendary vampire known as Lisilee?

Our blood curdling story begins one peaceful day in Avonlea while Andrew and Felicity are showing their new friend Lily around town. Little do they know the terrifying horrors that await them...

"Be careful y'all," Gus cautioned. "This house is falling apart as we speak. Gus held Felicity's hand and whispered, "ya better stay close ta me."

"I can't believe they are falling for this," Andrew chuckled. "Boy, this is sure going to get Miss Bossy Felicity King back for the pranks she pulled a few years ago!"

Ah'll be right back. You best stay up here Felicity. If anything happens ya should run and get the Constable." Gus slipped down the rope into the cellar.