A crisis emerges when Felix accidently shoots Digger. As Digger's life hangs in the balance, Arthur Pettibone attempts a risky surgery.

Teleplay: Rich Drew 
Director: F. Harvey Frost 
With: Michael Mahonon as Gus Pike, David Fox as Clive Pettibone and Zachary Ansley as Arthur Pettibone 
Original CBC Airdate: January 24, 1993 
Original Disney Airdate: March 22, 1993 
Run Time: 53 minutes


Morgan and Izzy's older brother Arthur arrives from veterinarian school in Toronto and becomes a curious attraction for Felicity. Gus becomes suspicious of the new arrival and the seeds are planted for a future rivalry.

Felix tells Morgan and Izzy that he will receive a rifle for his birthday, but is upset when he receives a telescope instead. When Alec strongly refuses to allow Felix to own a firearm, he sneaks a rifle out of his father's gun rack and goes hunting with Izzy and Morgan Pettibone.

Digger continues the trend of being at the wrong place at the wrong time and is accidently shot by Felix. Apparently, Felix didn't learn his lesson from Blackie's demise and continues to disobey his father's orders (3.4: Felix and Blackie).

Alec considers putting Digger out of his misery, but Arthur attempts a last ditch surgery and saves Digger's life.

In an awkward moment, Gus squirms when he hears that Arthur might return from veterinarian school. This was a great gesture to set up a rivalry between Gus and Arthur.


I've seen more realistic surgeries while playing the game 'Operation.'

According to Alec, Felix turns thirteen. However, it's mentioned that Felix is eleven in the winter of 1903 (Witch of Avonlea). There is at least a three year gap between the first season and the current episode, making it impossible for Felix to age only two years in that time span.

Rhetorical Questions

Did you notice how the lighthouse door is now facing in the opposite direction?

Isn't Vernon River the same place Blackie died?

Memorable Quotes

"Sure, Arthur. He just got home from Toronto. He's at school there studying to be a vegetarian. You know, an animal doctor." -Felix King

"Best batten down the hatchets and lie low for a few days." -Gus Pike

Sap Meter: 3 

Some flirting between Felicity and Arthur.


(1) Felix turns thirteen.

Grade: B+

It's 'Felix and Blackie' rehashed, but it sets the stage for the Gus and Arthur rivalry.


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