Emily was distraught and was tearfully drowning her sorrows over a frosty milkshake at the General Store. "Oh B'Ellana girl! That Stacie Blythe was the rudest girl I have ever met in my whole life! Is that any way to treat a visitor of this here town? How could Andy walk a girl like that home?" Emily tried to fight away a few more sobs when she noticed a sandy hair boy walk into the store with a basket of fishing tackle. "W..Who is that?" Emily whispered.

"Teddy," B'Ellana muttered while munching on an apple. "Him and Stacie like eachother I reckon." "Hmm..." Teddy said while examining the goodies in the store. "Just what am I going to get Stacie for her birthday? It's going to have to be something special!" He insisted.

Emily shot B'Ellana a devilish glance. "I think it's going to be something very special indeed," she smirked. She promptly walked up to the lad. "Are you Teddy?" She said sweetly. "Well I've heard the other girls brag about you, but I never dreamed you would be so handsome." She swooned.

"Gee... thanks," Teddy said with a confused look.

"I'm Emily Copperfield," she said while forcing her gloved hand into Teddy's palm. "Now sugar, I would be just happy to help you find a gift for this little... sweetheart of yours..."

At King farm, Felicity couldn't begin to fall asleep. She didn't know why. She put her clothes back on and went down to the kitchen. As she went by the sink, she saw Gus outside talking to Felix and Sara. 'Delaying himself, is he?' she thought to herself. She went outside and made her way to the barn. "So, Gus Pike, I see that you've seen the error of your ways by ditching that *girl*," Felicity began. "Felix, Sara, I think it's best if Gus and I talked alone."

"Come on, Sara," Felix said. "Let's go practice for the spelling bee." He began to walk [with her] back to King Farm house.

Sara stood their for a moment, and finally said, "Okay Felicity."

"Ah'll catch ya two later," Gus told Sara and Felix in a friendly manner.

"Okay Gus," she said with a smile that said, "Good luck!"

After Felix and Sara left, Felicity continued, "Well, Gus. I presume you came to see me." She waited for a reply.

"Yes ah did Felicity. It seems ah paid you ah misjustice last night and ah feel awful fer it. Yer too good fer that Felicity King. Ah had no right walkin' that girl home last night. Ah don't even know who she is. All ah know is that what ah did was wrong and ah hope that you can forgive me. Felicity," Gus said while looking into her eyes, "You have always and always will be the only girl fer me."

"You hurt my feelings, Gus," Felicity began, "but now I've decided to put that out of my mind and forgive you. Personally, I think that Emily Copperfield is nothing but trouble. You should be careful, Gus. I don't want to lose you."

"Ya won't lose me," Gus said as his hand gently carressed her smooth face. "The last thing ah would ever want to do is hurt you. Ah promise that no one will ever come between us ever again. " He heard the gentle stillness of the evening and looked toward the lights of King Farm. He gripped the fiddle in his hand and looked back into her eyes. "Tonight, ah'll play ah soft lullaby fer ya before ya go to sleep..."

Felix was very glad that Gus was back, no more moaning (he hoped) from Felicity. With a rather michievous grin he turned to Sara. "Sara," he said in a high pitched voice, " how to you spell 'enamored.' Use it in a sentence please!"

He opened the door for Sara, hoping for a witty response.

"Okay, Felix," Sara started to say, "Enarmored. . . ." but then, just as Felix and Sara were going in, Hetty was going out. "Ah, there you are, Sara Stanley," Hetty said. "Now, don't stay here too long; there's work to be done at home, you know." She placed the card with the recipe in her pocket and went back to Rose Cottage.

"Yes Aunt Hetty," she told her aunt. "I'll be home within an hour. I promise." Then, after her aunt left, her other one came in.

Janet walked into the kitchen where she noticed Felix just coming in and Sara was with him. "Felix I held a plate for you for dinner. Sara dear, have you eaten yet? We do have some extra if you're hungry."

"No, I haven't, Aunt Janet. But I can't stay too long either. Aunt Hetty wants me home soon. But, if it's no trouble, I will take some extra." Before she knew it, she had a hot plate in front of her and started eating. As she finished, she said to Felix, "Felix, let's study some time tomorrow for the bee. I need to get home before Aunt Hetty blows a vein! See you tomorrow!" and then Sara put her dishes in the sink on her way out.

"Thank you, Mother," Felix said as he took his plate and began to eat. He caught a glimpse of Felicity and Gus outside and thought, 'Looks like Felicity won't be bellyaching about Gus tonight!' Felix trudged upstairs, satisfied with a full stomach. Wearily he reclined on the bed with a spelling book wide open. He felt his head nod...eyes close...a dreams crept in. Felix King was asleep, his mouth curved in a small smile. Dreaming of the Avonlea spelling champions.

Felicity listened as Gus played her "She's Like the Swallow." After he finished, she told him, "For a moment I forgot how your ring glistens in the light when you play your fiddle." She looked toward the house. "I should probably go in. I have to work tomorrow."

"G'night Felicity," Gus said and watched her walk to her door. He smiled when she looked back at him. Gus motioned his hand and was about to speak, to tell her something important, but he paused, and soon the King Farm door closed. 'It could wait fer tomorrow,' he thought and walked away in the moonlight towards the lighthouse.


Sara started walking home in the dark night. A low cloud swept through the village. Sara was too caught up in a fairtale that she didn't noticed. She made it to her lane just as the clouds covered the sky. Sara, for the first time, realized the weather was changing and that it was very dark out. Halfway down the lane, it began to rumble. Sara speeded up her pace and made it inside just as the first few rain drops began to fall.

"I'm home, Aunt Hetty!" she cried, then she yawned. "What did you want me to do before I go to sleep? Oh, and I have wonderful news too! Felix and I won the spelling bee in school today! We'll compete in the province bee too! Isn't that exciting? I could almost burst with excitement! We're going to coach each other too."

"Oh, good. You're home," Hetty said as she came out of the kitchen. "Well, I need you to do the dusting in the parlour and your bedroom. But I suppose that can wait till tomorrow." She just realised what else Sara said: she and Felix won the school spelling bee. "You and Felix won the spelling bee?! Oh my! Well...what can I say? I'm proud of you!" She gave Sara a hug and walked her upstairs. "Well, I suppose you should get some sleep. You and Felix should study together after school tomorrow. Oh my! I'm sure the two of you will do our family proud." Hetty had butterflies in her stomach. "I don't know what else to say!"

Sara returned the hug her aunt gave her and followed her upstairs. "Thank you, Aunt Hetty," she said with a drowsy smile. "I promise you we won't let our family or Avonlea down." Then she yawned again. "I must be more tired than I feel," Sara said as she entered her room. "Goodnight, Aunt Hetty." Then Sara washed her face, changed into her nightgown, said her prayers, and got into bed. She yawned again. "Things are back to normal," she said happily to herself. "Well, 'God's in His heaven, all's right with the world,'" she said softly. At least, she thought and hoped it was. She rolled over and soon drifted off to sleep, and into a wonderful world of stories and adventure.

Outside, the rain began to fall harder. Inside Rose Cottage and all the other houses in Avonlea, it sounded like a soft, light lullaby, singing the small town to a calming, soothing sleep. No thunder, no lightning, just a nice rain to get the crops in the fields, the flowers and vegetables in the gardens, and the fruit trees in the orchards a nice, long drink of water.

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