Sara and Stacie took Izzy's flowers and held onto them. "Stacie, let's wait here for a moment," Sara told her companion. "I've got an idea." "Okay," said Stacie as both girls watched the "first wave" of the "attack" head for their target. They watched as Izzy and Emily, the "witch," left the beach and saw Kyle and Felix talking to Andrew. Seeing, them come up the cliff, Sara whispered to Stacie, "Stacie, you take care of Andrew. I'll go down and take care of Gus. Good luck!"

"Good luck to you too, Sara," Stacie whispered back. Both girls shared a hopeful smile before departing and continuing on with the plan. As soon as the boys came up over the cliff, Stacie said, "Well hello boys!" "Hey Stace!" said her twin.

"Hey, moved from that petrified tree we found, didn't you?" Kyle said with a wink, hoping she'd play along.

"OH! I did!" she said, taking the hint. "I'm sorry! I just got so wrapped up in my flower picking that I forgot to stay close! Maybe we can find it again?"

"No, it's okay," said Kyle, acting depressed. "It took forever to find it. Maybe another, Stace."

"Okay," she said. "Mmm. . .smell these delectable flowers," Stacie said as she pretended to intake the aromas. Problem was, she had taken in enough for the magic potion to work on her! She looked right at Andrew and said, while flashing her long lashes, "Won't you smell these, Andrew?"

Felix sighed, Messing with love was not a good idea! "Thank goodness for sensible Izzy." He muttured, making sure he kept a good distance away. "Andrew?" He asked, to see if his cousin was out of his latest daze.

Andrew's eyes dropped when he heard that Kyle could not find the petrified rock. "That really is too bad Kyle, because that rock would be highly significant. You see, it's most likely that the tree originally grew in the Triassic Period some 240 to 205 million years ago, when this region was a marshland. The tree would have been buried by sediment and penetrated by waters rich in silica. Gradually the wood fibers would have been replaced by silica and other minerals, and converted to stone and..."

Andrew suddenly became mesmerized by the sweet smell of the flowers that Stacie presented before him. "These... Uh... rocks are... really hard and...Uh... Stacie, these flowers are so... so..." His eyes suddenly became transfixed with hers and he forgot everything around him. "beautiful..."

Stacie blushed. "They are, aren't they? Here, have one," she told Andrew. Then she put one in a buttonhole on his jacket. "This is to remember me by," she told him.

ìOh Stacie," Andrew sighed, "I could never forget you. Not in a million parsecs."

Kyle looked at the two for a second. "Are you two okay?" he asked them. "Just fine," said Stacie absently.

ìI have never felt better Felix," Andrew said, oblivious to the fact that it was Kyle Blythe talking to him and not his cousin.

Kyle looked confused. Obviously, they were NOT fine! Then he realized it. 'Oh no! My sister's inhaled some of the potion! Now she's in love with Andrew King!' he thought. "Hey, um Stace?" Kyle said. "Um. . .don't you think we should head for home? I'm sure Kel and Auntie are wondering where in the world we are."

"Huh?" said Stacie. She had been transfixed and hypnotized by Andrew while Kyle talked. "Oh! Well, why don't you go home then Kyle. I'll be there in a few."

Kyle was astounded. 'What happened to my sister!' he thought. 'If she ever had anything for Teddy, it's gone now!' He just didn't know what to say.

"Andrew," she said, "would you like to share a soda or walk me home?"

"Stacie, I would be honored," Andrew exclaimed while taking her arm in his. They walked toward town, passing the tall trees of birch and spruce. "Stacie," Andrew said on the quiet country road, "I would be delighted to buy you a milk shake. With two glasses and two straws."

Meanwhile, down on the beach. . . Sara found Gus all by himself on the beach. "Hey Gus!" Sara cried as she headed towards him. "What have you been up to lately?" she asked when she got closer. "I hear Felicity's kinda mad at you from the other night. So, I thought I'd help you make it up to her."

"Well ah've been kinda busy," Gus told Sara while taking his fiddle in his hand, "ah was fixin' ta write ah song fer Em about the first time we met." He watched as Emily was taken away with Izzy. "Ah reckon Felicity is steamed at me fer last night. How can ah make it up ta her? How can ah let her know that Em and I are just friends?"

Sara pulled out the flowers she had just picked along with the "magic" ones from Peg. "I picked these for you and thought maybe you could give them to Felicity. She'll like them because they're her favorite flowers. Come on. I'll walk w/ you to King Farm so you can give them to Felicity," Sara said as she took Gus' arm and started walking. "But, you'll have to tell her you picked these yourself. They'll mean that much more to her than if she heard I picked them for you to give to her. What do you say, Gus?"

"Why Sara that's a wonderful idea," Gus exclaimed while walking with Sara to King Farm. "Ah just hope it will be enough ta mend ah broken heart. Do ya think we should let Emily in on our plan?"

B'Ellana curiously noticed the sudden departure of her friends and Emily Copperfield from the picnic area. Her thought was distracted with a tug on her coveralls from Mini-B.

"Mini-B want candy!" The little girl growled.

Clara Potts was just coming out of her house to go over to the store when she heard what Elrick mention that he and Emily were betrothed. Eulalie Bugle was headed in the direction of the store as well. Clara rushed over to Eulalie and asked, "Did you hear that? That Emily Copperfield is engaged to that Yankee rufian! And she's trapsing around with Arthur Pettibone on the side. Not to mention she's a Yankee!"

"Gracious Providence!" Eulalie exclaimed. "Rachel Lynde always warned us that these Yanks are no good. She'd be right, let me tell you."

"Well," Arthur continued after a moment. "Emily, I thought you were a woman of integrity. I guess I was wrong. Mr. Tyler, it was nice meeting you; I'm sure you two have some catching up to do." He headed into his house, followed by Izzy...

"But Elrick," Emily replied, "we were only seven years old when you asked me to marry you! I haven't seen neither hide nor hair of you since you moved to New jersey. You can't hold a girl to that kind of promise."

"I dee how do are Em!" Elrick huffed and followed Arthur outside, hitting his head on the General Store door on the way out.

"Wait... Boys wait!" Emily pleaded. "What is a girl to do?"

A bell jingled as B'Ellana walked into the General Store followed by Mini-B. "Oh B'Ellana girl," Emily sobbed, "I have to have a girl to girl talk with you. It's all about boys!" She brought B'Ellana outside to the porch. "B'Ellana girl, what am I ever to do. I just met a young boy named Arthur Pettibone and he was soo dreamy. Then a boy I used to know rode back into my life like a shimmering knight on a white horse... But they left me! They left me for good! Oh B'Ellana, whatever am I going to do?"

"How should I know," B'Ellana griped. "I don't have time to keep track of your beaus. I got a kid Mini-B to raise and she's a handful. Just stay away from Andrew King. He's too good for you."

"Oh B'Ellana girl, did you say Andy King?" Emily said while wiping away the tears. "What a wonderful idea! If anyone would understand me it's Andy! Maybe one day we might even get married! Oh B'Ellana girl, could this truly be one girl's romance?"

Emily felt a tug at her dress. It was Mini-B and her hands and mouth were covered with chocolate. "B'Ellana girl! This child you found is just a plain n-u-i-s-a-n-c-e, nuisance! She just got chocolate all over my favorite dress from Parie France!"

"Mini-B want Candy!!!" Mini-B growled. "Emily now look what you done," B'Ellana retorted, "you made Mini-B hungry again." B'Ellana took a bag of sugar out of her pocket and handed it to Mini-B. The small girl grunted as she hastily shoved the sugar into her mouth.

Emily Copperfield and B'Ellana walked outside the General Store and saw Andrew King and Stacie Blythe walking through town. Distraught, Emily stormed up to them. "Andrew King... What are you doing with this... this... this little blonde Missy!"

Stacie quickly snapped out of any daydream she was in the minute Copperfield called her a "little blonde missy." "I peg your pardon, but who are you to be calling a little blonde missy!" she said stormily. "Andrew King is from a well-known, good family. Why would he want something to do with the likes of you? You *obviously* come from. . .well, nowhereville! You don't *own* anyone! We live in a free world where everyone has the right to do as they please. And if Andrew wants to share a milkshake with me, he has the right to do so. You're not his mother! Therefore, you have no business *demanding* to know what his intentions are! Good day!" And with that, Stacie grabbed Andrew's arm and pulled him along.

Emily didn't know what she possibly could have done to deserve the little blonde missy's retaliation. "Hmmph!" She simply replied as she turned her heal and walked promptly away.

Noticing it was getting dark, she said to Andrew, "Maybe we should get those milkshakes another day. It's dark. I think I better be heading home before my family starts to worry about me. Could you walk me home? I hate walking home in the dark. The littlest noise or movement scares me. Besides, you need to go home too. I'm sure your family's worried about you too."

"I would love to walk you home Stacie," Andrew replied. "It is getting late. I don't know what I would possibly do if you slipped into a ditch or encountered a rabid dog." Andrew escorted her home along the country road as the moon hung high overhead. Andrew was lost in a daze. They finally reached the Blythe homestead.

"Goodnight sweet princess," he said as an invisible cupid fired another arrow into him. He lowered his head to kiss her hand before trotting away like a true gentleman.

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