After dancing earlier with Felicity, Gus walked over to the refreshment stand. "All this dancin' is makin' me thirsty," he said while dishing out some punch and eagerly drinking it down. Suddenly, B'Ellana ran up and tipped over the punch bowl, spilling it all on the ground. "B'Ellana! What did ya do that fer?" Gus asked in disbelief.

"Gus I... I..." B'Ellana looked around, her face nearly in tears as she saw several people watching her behavior. "I..." She shook her head in a sob and ran from the room.

"I'll go talk to her." Felicity rushed out of the room and found B'Ellana huddled outside on the veranda. "B'Ellana, it's alright," she began as she put an arm around her. "It was an accident. I'm sure it'll get cleaned up."

"You don't understand Felicity," B'Ellana said while suppressing a sob. "I think somebody put a love potion in the punch and was trying to get all the fellas to fall in love with her... But I can't say who it is, because my daddy says that being a tattle tale is wrong! Oh!" B'Ellana wailed and placed her hands over her face.

Andrew walked over toward Emily with a glazed look in his eyes. "Em, could I have the honor of another dance?"

"Well Andy, it's getting late and I have to get my beauty sleep. Will you escort a lady home sugar?"

"Of course Em," Andrew said.

As he was taking his arm in hers, he was suddenly pulled aside by Gus Pike. "Help clean up Andrew. Ah'll escort Miss Emily home," Gus insisted. "Thars no tellin' who could be prowlin' 'round the town tonight."

"Gentlemen please," Emily said, "there's no need to fight over little old me." She extended both her arms. "You both can walk a lady home," she said and then laughed horsily.

"Gus!" Teddy said, "Felicity is outside. Don't you think you should go find her?"

"Not now," Gus told him, "Emily here needs somebody ta walk her home!" Taking both their arms, Emily departed the ball with Gus and Andrew while Teddy was left in disbelief.

"Gus Pike!" Felicity chased after him. "I demand to know why you dared to escort HER home when you escorted ME to the ball!" She pulled Emily aside and said, "I DEMAND that you leave MY Gus alone! Andrew, take her back to where ever she came from. Gus, you're coming with me. Now."

"Yeah Gus," Teddy added, "you escorted Felicity to the ball! I heard all about it! Remember how hard you worked to fix that wheel so you would get to Felicity's in time?"

Gus looked deeply into Felicity's eyes and he smiled. "Felicity, you know how much ah care fer you."

"Oh Gus sugar," Emily said while spinning her umbrella over her shoulder. "What's taking you so long?"

"Emily Copperfield, this here is Felicity King," Gus said while introducing them.

"Pleased to meet you Felicity King," Emily said. "Do you happen to know Mr. Gus Pike here?"

"Know him?!" Felicity was stunned. "I've known him much longer than you ever have." She turned back to Gus. "Gus Pike, what is your problem?!"

Emily glanced at the clock. "Oh my, it is getting late and I really must be getting home. I hate to be a Cinderella, but could you walk me home now Gus. I just wouldn't feel safe walking home alone, knowing that some crazed lunatic might be running around."

When Gus heard Emily's voice, his eyes became vacant as if he were in a trance. "Emily's right," Gus said, "ah got ta make sure she gets home safe. Ah'll see ya tomorrow Felicity, Teddy." He joined Emily and Andrew as they left the ball together.

"Fine!" Felicity was now angry. "Walk that hussy home! See if I ever accept an invitation to a ball from you again!"

Teddy watched them leave in disbelief. "Something's fishy," he told Felicity. "Gus just doesn't seem to be the same as he was earlier!"

"I know," she said, still shocked at the events. "He worked so hard to make sure I got here, and now he treats me like I'm yesterday's news?!"

Gus and Andrew walked beside Emily Copperfield on the way home. Niether of them spoke a word, for Emily was too busy talking about herself. They finally reached the porch of the Copperfield residence as Emily spun around. "Now which one of you young gentleman is going to kiss a lady goodnight? Fortunately for you two, I have two rosy cheeks that need to be sprinkled with sweet kisses." She pointed to her cheeks with her gloved hands and expected them to kiss her.

As Gus and Andrew leaned forward on opposite sides to kiss her cheeks, Emily quickly moved out of the way, leaving the two boys face to face with puckered lips. "Hahahaha," Emily laughed horsily, "I am such a teeeeeeease."

"Emily, you get in here right now!" Nat Copperfield yelled. "You better not be out there with young boys y' here."

"Alright daddy, I'll be right in." Emily blew a kiss to the boys. "See you tomorrow Gus and Andy."

As Emily walked inside, Andrew turned to Gus. "Who do you think you are? Em is my girl! You already have Felicity!"

"Ah don't need yer guff right now," Gus told Andrew sternly and yet with the same vacant stare in his eyes. He lit his pipe with a match from his tinderbox and walked toward the lighthouse...

Meanwhile, Emily walked inside and was met by her father Nat Copperfield. "Emily! Where is that cow ah told ya to sell this morning? We need that money to buy us some food fer the month."

"Oh daddy," Emily exclaimed with excitement, "I went to sell the cow and the lady gave me three magic beans. She told me that if I planted these beans, then it would grow into a large beanstalk and that if I climbed it, I would find a chicken that laid golden eggs!"

"Emily Copperfield, ah can't believe you fell fer that ol' yarn!" Nat replied angrily while slapping her on the back with his hat. "Now you go on ta bed!"

"Daddy, I didn't mean to do anything wrong!" Emily implored with tears in her eyes. She ran to her room, shut her door and threw herself on her bed, collapsing in a fit of tears...

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