The next morning at King Farm arrived with the smell of Aunt Janet's cooking and the soft rays of sunlight beaming cheerfully through the windows. Andrew King awoke early that morning to complete his choresÖ

Andrew stepped into King barn and proceeded to feed the hungry chickens, who pecked greedily away at the scattered food. He placed his book about "rocks and minerals" near the tool rack, hoping that he might get a spare moment to absorb it's fascinating contents. Andrew was surprised when he heard footsteps entering the barn. As he glanced toward the entrance he noticed that Gus Pike had arrived. "Gus? What are you doing here?"

"Ah thought Mr. King could use some help 'round the farm. Ah reckon another pair of strong arms could get the days work done ah little faster."

"Are you sure your not here to seek the favor of my cousin Felicity King?" Andrew asked while raising his eye brows inquisitively.

"Well good morning boys," Emily Copperfield chirped from outside the barn. "I couldn't help but notice that Mr. Gus Pike was heading for this here farm. It would be a might unkindly not to thank you boys for being such gentlemen last night. Could I get one of you strong boys to assist a young lady? There's a frozen mud puddle out here that a girl could get some help stepping over?"

Andrew was bewildered when he looked into Gus's vacant eyes, eyes that became void when he heard Emily's voice echo throughout the barn. "Come on Gus, you can help me milk the cows next."

"Not now Andrew," Gus replied with irritation, "Em need mah help." Gus dashed outside and helped Emily over the small mud puddle that blocked her way. She wore a pink dress and twirled a light blue umbrella over her shoulder characteristically.

Felicity entered the barn just as Gus was leaving with that Emily Copperfield tramp...again. "Andrew, is Gus Pike still intrigued by that Emily person?" Instead of waiting for an answer, she said, "No matter. Gus Pike is of no concern of mine anymore anyway."

"Well thank you sugar. What would I ever do without your courteous manners Gus Pike? Now, it appears that you two boys could use a helping hand with some of these chores. I would love to help, but I didn't bring any overalls with me." Emily batted her eyelashes at Gus. "Would you be a gentleman and get me a pair of overhauls Gus Pike?"

Gus rushed back into the barn and confronted Andrew. "Emily needs ah pair of overhauls. Ah suggest if ya don't have another pair, ya give her yours like ah gentleman."

"...But Gus? These are my only pair," Andrew replied, "and I hardly have anything on beneath them..."

"Em needs ah pair of overhauls!" Gus violently grabbed the pant legs and pulled the overhauls from Andrew. Andrew fell on the floor as the overhauls ripped away from him. "AAAhhhhh!" Andrew yelled.

"Gus Pike, you wild savage!" Felicity exclaimed. "Give Andrew his coveralls back!"

Gus walked outside with the torn overhauls in his hand and handed them to Emily. "Well thank you sugah, but you know what? I'll have to decline my offer to help you boys this morning. I just remembered that I had my finger nails manicured and it would be a shame to have them all ruined. Perhaps I'll see you boys a little later," Emily said and left King farm.

Andrew ran behind the hay stack as his face turned red with anger and humiliation. Once he noticed that Emily had departed he ran outside and grabbed the overhauls away from Gus. "What was that all about!" He huffed.

"Yes, Gus Pike; what *was* that all about?" Felicity said, even angrier than Andrew was. "I thought you and I had something special. But ever since Emily Copperfield entered your world, I'm not even sure of that anymore!"

"I thought he came here to see you Felicity?" Andrew said. "Why else would Gus Pike walk all the way over here for? The next thing I know, Emily is talking to him and he gets this blank look in his eyes."

"Wait, Felicity," Gus pleaded, "it's not what ya think..." Felicity walked out of the barn.

"Well now you did it," Andrew told a bewildered Gus. "If there's anything you should have learned about my cousin Gus it's that you shouldn't ruffle her feathers."

"Wh... What did ah do?" Gus said, "ther last thing in the world ah would want is fer Felicity ta be upset with me."

"Well you better start apologizing then," Andrew said while putting on his coveralls. "The first thing you can do is help me finish my chores, since you rudely interrupted me!"

Felix stalked out of King Farm, milk pail in hand. He noted Gus, noted Emily, glared at Andrew's rock "junk" and grumbled over his chores...He wished he knew why he felt so out of sorts, but the Emily character hanging around was too much for him... He ignored his cousin, " Hello Gus." He said, trying to push away the wave of jealousy that engulfed him whenever Andrew was around. He stalked in the barn and set down the pail with a bang-making himself and the cows jump. Guiltily, he fed them...

Felicity walked out of the barn. As Felix headed in, she said, "Felix, do me a favor? Give Gus Pike a piece of your mind, since for some reason or another he won't listen to whatever common sense I have to offer him."

"Felicity..." Felix began. "I don't think it will help any, he seems to have lost his own mind! But what's he done now?"

"Last night he ditched me for that Emily Copperfield person!" Felicity explained. "As the ball was ending he offered to walk her home! It's as if he's forgotten I existed. If you ask me, Felix, I think that Emily Copperfield is nothing but trouble!"


The School day came and went. Felix and Sara tied each other in the spelling bee. When the final bell rang, the children were eager to enjoy a gentle summer dayÖ

Felix didn't run out of the schoolhouse as usual. He was amazed. " Congratulations Sara!" He said, offering his hand to his cousin. " And Izzy! You had me down to the wire! I guess I don't need a memory stone anymore...Maybe it's just that Aunt Hetty isn't shoving worry down my throat." Suddenly a horrible thought entered his mind. " I hope *she* doesn't come to the spelling bee! I'll forget everything."

"If she does, let's hope she sits in the back row where you can't see her!" Izzy said in an attempt to cheer up her best friend. "Anyway, want to go to the store for a glass of cider or something?"

"Why not?" Felix said, feeling a bit more cheerful. " I still can't believe it!" He said, shaking his head.

" In honesty, listening to Felicity complain about Gus is really sickening," Felix lamented. "I don't care," obviously means she does, and Gus must of took a bad dose of Peg's love potion to act as crazy as he is!"

"Oh no now Felix King..." Peg said, coming up behind them in that uncanny way of hers.

Izzy jumped. "Miss Bowen!"

"For if that potion worked, you and Sara Stanley here would be betrothed." Peg chuckled, " And your Aunt Olivia wouldn't have married Jasper Dale...Are you looking for this Sara?" Peg added, handing her another pouch. "I was just one my way to get bloodroot and I found this instead."

"Y-yes," Sara said timidly. It always amazed her how Peg Bowen always knew everything that was going on in Avonlea when she was only spotted outside the town. 'Surely she *must* posses some secret powers of witchcraft!' Sara thought. "Thank you, Miss Bowen," she said with more courage.

Izzy was dumbfounded. "You and Sara could've been betrothed?! The Dales unmarried?! This is interesting!"

Indeed yes," Peg said with a gleam in her eyes. " They wanted Jasper Dale to fall in love with then Olivia King, but her old beau Edwin Clark tried to sweep her off her feet. Sara and Felix wanted a potion, so I gave one, warning that the first person you saw after drinking it would be your betrothed. Sara and Felix came together, Sara took the first sip. Quite a laugh for me, I must say. Love is beyond any witch, so don't worry about it Izzy PettiboneÖ"

"I think I'll be fine for now," Izzy said.

"That's good." Peg said knowingly. " Although I can tell you that you're probably going to fall in love with an Avonlea boy."

Izzy grimaced for a moment. 'Me, Izzy Pettibone? The biggest tomboy of Avonlea? Falling in love?' she thought. 'Yeah, right.'

Felix grimaced, " I just didn't want to marry Sara! She's my *cousin* and I don't want to worry about marrying for a long time yet.

"I couldn't agree anymore, Felix!" Sara said in agreement to her cousin while nodding her head.

"Time changes everything." Peg answered.

"We've got plenty of time!" Felix said. "Besides, were celebrating. Sara and I having won the spelling bee, and Izzy coming in close behind."

"A lot different from another bee from a year or two ago," Peg remarked. "Do you still have another spelling stone?"

" I didn't need it." Felix said flatly, " I just studied."

"So you are growing Felix King." Peg said turning away. " And don't lose the bag again Sara Stanley." Peg continued, " I don't want to sniff it out again!"

Sara smiled as she watched Peg leave. "I *promise* I won't lose this time, Miss Bowen. Thank you for returning it to me!" she called out to her."

"I'm sure she'll keep a close eye on it, Miss Bowen!" Izzy called out after her. She turned back to her friends. "Well, what do you all say we go look for Gus, Andrew, and that wretched Miss Emily Copperfield?" Izzy had an evil grin on her face.

"I suppose," Felix answered, " I hope I don't get sick watching them."

Let's go look for them!" Sara insisted. "We'll celebrate a double victory later! One for the spelling bee and one for the victory over Emily Copperfield!" We need a plan and fast. Peg said earlier this morning that there are two ways we can use this. One way is to get them to smell it, which would erase any romantic thought about the person who was wearing the scent. The other would be to ground the leaves into an herbal tea and have them drink it. This is more tricky because it'll make them forget about Miss Copperfield, but they could easily fall for whoever served the tea. Our best shot is to put the flowers or leaves onto Emily."

"How hard can that be?" asked Kyle.

"Well, if we put other flowers with it, it can be," answered Sara. "Especially ones that have a stronger scent. So, here's the plan," said Sara softly as she motioned for everyone to come into a small circle. "Me, Izzy, and Stacie will pick a few flowers and group them with the ones from Peg. Then, we'll all go down to the shore and just happen to run into them. Not literally either, boys. Me and Stacie will have Gus and Andrew smell our bouquets. You three," she said pointing to Izzy, Kyle, and Felix, "keep Miss Copperfield occupied. Izzy, if you have to, put some on her." Sara broke up the huddle. "Let's get to it!" she cried as she and the other began picking a few flowers.

Izzy looked at the guys. "I'm sure we'll think of some way to keep her occupied. I mean, how hard can it be?" She found several flowers nearby and handed them to Sara and Stacie. "These should work. Now, let's get Gus and Andrew away from the *real* witch!"

So, they left the haunted woods, on their quest to stop the hypnotizing Emily Copperfield and to free two victims from her spell.

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