Peter Craig and Peter Brady

Seldom have there been two wimpier characters than Peter Craig and Peter Brady. Whenever there was a time to speak up for himself, Peter Craig would cower and cry in the corner. Peter Brady was equally as wimpy when he was wimping out of fights and selling sunflower girl cookies.

Cecily King and Cindy Brady

Cecily may not have had a doll called Kitty-Carry-All, but she was definitely known to tote about her share of dolls, just like Cindy Brady. Cecily and Cindy were both the youngest of their broods (with curls, or braids) and were switched at birth!

Ed Lawson and Moe

Ed Lawson and Moe from 'The Simpsons' own businesses that become central meeting areas for some of the main characters of their shows. Although they were switched at birth, it's unlikely that Moe would tolerate sewing circle gossips or temperance movement "cheap skates."

Davy Keith and Dennis the Menace

Davy and Dennis are both trouble making menaces who obnoxiously annoy their old grouchy neighbors. While Dennis annoys Mr. Wilson, Davy Keith annoys Mr. Harrison.

Booth Elliot and Lumpy

Apparently, A Star Wars Holiday Special aired that was so awful, George Lucas reportably said that he wanted to break every existing copy with a hammer. The special featured Chewbacca's so-called son Lumpy, who judging by his long mangy hair and appearance, could only have been switched at birth with Booth Elliot!

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