Pat Frewen and the Cowardly Lion

Let's face it, Pat Frewen is just as cowardly as the lion. In the episode, 'It's Just A Stage,' Pat is initially too cowardly to confront Pigeon Plumbtree about his romantic intentions, until he misinterprets Sara Stanley. The lion is also led down a deceptive path when he follows Dorothy's advice.
The pig farmer and the lion even have a similar dance. Here Pat demonstrates the running man while the cowardly lion does the yellow brick shuffle.

Hetty King and the Wicked Witch

There are wicked witches who inhabit both Oz and Avonlea. In the episode Witch of Avonlea, Felix refers to Hetty as a witch after having a nightmare that his school teacher made him wear a dunce cap. Also note how Hetty beat Jasper with a broom when he tried to elope with Olivia (The Ties That Bind).

Peg Bowen and the Witch of the North

Of course, there are also good witches. Peg Bowen is considered to be a witch by the Avonlea children and yet she performs good deeds, similar to Oz's witch of the North.

Jasper Dale and the Scarecrow

The villagers considered Jasper to be dim-witted and clumsy, similar to the Scarecrow. However, we later find that both Jasper and the scarecrow may be clumsy, but are not as dumb as they seem. In 'Home Movie,' Jasper helps reveal the consequences of Dunnsville while the Scarecrow learns that the Wizard is not what he seems.
And I thought Ted Kennedy was the only person who could get a degree without attending class. Are we expected to believe that a degree made the scarecrow smart? How can you trust a guy who was already revealed as a phony?

Clive Pettibone and the Tin Man

I don't know if you can get a stiffer personality than Clive Pettibone's. He could have used a good quart of oil at times just to break an awkward smile. Clive could also use a heart, judging by his lackluster proposal to Muriel in 'The More Things Change.'

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