Fanny Tarbush

First appearance: 1.2: The Story Girl Earns Her Name
Villager. Attempted to become the beau of wealthy entrepreneur Wellington Campbell.

Thornhill Sanitarium

Cecily King went to this New England sanitarium around winter 1908 to seek treatment for her tuberculosis. She was released in 1910 when her disease was diagnosed as being dormant.

Town Hall

(See Avonlea Town Hall)

Simon Tremayne

First appearance: 4.8: Heirs and Graces
Simon Tremayne was the disinherited son of the Duke of Arranagh. He was considered illegitimate when his grandfather had his son's marriage to a commoner annulled.

Simon's father married a more suitable bride and had a son named Andrew, Simon's half-brother (see Andrew, Duke of Arranagh). On his fourteenth birthday, Simon was banished out of embarrassment.

In later years, Simon worked for the Ottoman secret police as a spy operating against the Russians and even rode in the Cavalry. He eventually settled down in Prince Edward Island and became manager of the White Sands Hotel, taking over for Percy Methley.

Felix King, who had taken work at the hotel as Simon's personal representative, discovered the Duke's royal plates in Simon's possession and returned them to Andrew. The Duke reunited with Simon and offered to allow his half brother to reclaim his right to the throne.

Simon renounced the title and decided to retain his position as owner of the hotel. While facing difficult economic times, Simon accepted an investment by Hetty King, who became his co-proprietor of the hotel.

In winter 1911, Simon and Hetty became engaged, but their plans for marriage faded when their professional careers were threatened. A potential investor offered to change the management of the establishment, but Simon rejected the offer and refused to retire from the hotel business (7.8: Ah... Sweet Mysteries of Life).


(see Melusina the mermaid)

Mr. Turnbridge

First appearance: 7.8: Ah... Sweet Mystery of Life
Turnbridge was the Deputy Minister of Education who informed Hetty that the Avonlea schoolhouse would be closed down and that she would be transferred to Carmody or forced to retire. When the Avonlea school children beat the Carmody school children in an academic challenge, Turnbridge reconsidered and allowed the Avonlea schoolhouse to remain open.

Donovan Turner

First mention: 5.11: Otherwise Engaged
Described by Gus Pike and Matt O'Donnel as the "worst cook on any ship afloat."

Mr. Tyler

First appearance: 1.12: The Hope Chest of Arabella King
Owner of the Avonlea Chronicle.

William Tyler

First mention: 1.12: The Hope Chest of Arabella King
William Tyler fell in love with Arabella King and the couple became engaged. After securing a fortune, Tyler was threatened by his brother and was accidentally killed after a bitter feud. Tyler secured a fortune, but was threatened by his brother.

Fearing that her life was in danger, Arabella concealed the fortune in a clock and placed it in a blue hope chest in the attic of King Farm, where it remained locked for over fifty years. Sara Stanley and Olivia uncovered the clock, revealed the treasure and soon learned about the haunting tale of Arabella's lost love. The full story was later reported by Olivia in the Avonlea Chronicle, a paper owned by William Tyler's son.


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