Mrs. Sandborn-Ellis

First appearance: 7.7: Total Eclipse
Mrs. Sandborn Ellis was an eccentric from Boston who visited Avonlea during the 1911 eclipse. She was booked for a room at King Farm in a scheme by Felix to replace funds that Cecily accidentally destroyed and for him to gain experience in the hospitality business. She believed that the eclipse signified the end of the world.

Amelia Sandhurst

First appearance: 3.6: Aunt Janet Rebels
A writer and suffragette, Sandhurst was a guest speaker for the 'Women's Christian Temperance Union.' She inspired Janet King to campaign for women's rights and fair wages for cannery workers.

Season's End

The poem written by Olivia J. King for the Avonlea Chronicle in 1903, which Hetty considered rubbish. (1.12: The Hope Chest of Arabella King)

Mr. Sedrick

First mention: 5.11: Otherwise Engaged
Assistant manager of the White Sands hotel. When he resigned, Gus was offered the position.

Theodore Simpkin

First appearance: 1.4: The Materializing of Duncan
An overzealous attorney, Simpkin attempted to take the Rushdon pond fishing rights away from the Kings. Governess Agnes Rushdon Leslie, a long time friend of the King family, prevented the legal action. When Marilla Cutherbert died, Simpkin finalized the deal to sell Green Gables to Mr. Harrison (3.13: Old Friends, Old Wounds).

Dr. Sloane

First mention: 2.12: A Mother's Love
Town doctor before Dr. Blair.

Jeb Sloane

First mention: 2.1: Sara's Homecoming

Mable Sloane

First mention: 2.11: It's Just a Stage

Melvin Sloane

First mention: 1.4: Materializing of Duncan
Briefly mentioned for having cockfights on Friday nights in years past.

Mrs. Sloane

First mention: 1.4: The Materializing of Duncan

Emily Everette-Smythe

First appearance: 3.11: High Society
Felicity's roommate at Kingsport Ladies' College.

Nellie Shatford

First mention: 1.1: The Journey begins
Student and acquaintance of Jane Spry. Clemmie Ray spilled punch on her at the harvest ball in 1903.

Lemual Snibb

First mention: 7.3: Davy and the Mermaid
Lemual Snibb was the owner of the 'World Renowned Travelling Midway and Exposition of Mysteries and Curiosities of Nature' that arrived in Avonlea in 1911. He was arrested after his workers, Goliath and Trissy, conned Donny Lester out of money and harassed Davy.

H.W. Sparrow

First mention: 6.3: Christmas in June
A doctor at Thornhill Sanitarium.

Jimmy Spencer

First mention: 1.3: Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's
The hired boy at Alexander Abraham's who contracted scarlet fever.

Amos Spry

First appearance: 1.10: Felicity's Challenge
Farmer with many children, including Jane Spry. In 1903, Amos secretly sided with shady candidate Judson Parker in return for political favors. In the summer of 1904, while experiencing hard times, Amos had to rely on Alec for financial support until his crop was harvested. Once his crop arrived, he repaid Alec the debt Episode 2.7: Family Rivalry.

Jane Spry

First appearance: 1.1: The Journey Begins
Jane was a faithful partner of Sally Potts and was often a rival of Sara Stanley and Felicity King. In 1903, Jane won an award for her Little Bo Peep costume at the Harvest Ball. A candidate for district representative, Judson Parker, ensured Jane the win after her father Amos agreed to give Parker his vote in a shady deal (1.10: Felicity's Challenge).

May Spry

First appearance: 2.7: Family Rivalry
Spry sibling.

Stephen Spry

First appearance: 2.7: Family Rivalry
Spry sibling.

Muriel Stacey (Muriel Pettibone)

First appearance: 2.3: Aunt Hetty's Ordeal
Muriel Stacey graduated from Queen's College, winning the distinguished 'Gold Graduation medal.' Her rival was Hetty King, who was fiercely competitive against her schoolmate. Muriel became a teacher in Avonlea and earned praise for teaching such prized students as Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe.

In 1904, Muriel was promoted to Provincial Superintendent of schools, much to Hetty's dismay. Later that winter, Muriel encouraged a competitive sports program and supported the 'Misfits' in their ice hockey game against the favored 'Avonlea Avengers,' which also received fierce opposition from Hetty.

The two women reached an agreement and Muriel masterminded an upset win for the Misfits over their rivals (2.13: Misfits and Miracles). Muriel travelled the world and visited many exotic locations. In the summer of 1908, Muriel returned to the island and purchased a house in Avonlea.

When the Lawson's moved to New Brunswick, Muriel purchased the General Store (5.4: A Friend in Need). Muriel began a relationship with Clive Pettibone at the 1st Annual Bachelor's Auction when she won him in the bidding.

Clive proposed to Muriel, but this put a strain on her relationship with Izzy, who found it difficult to accept Muriel in her mother's position. Izzy was able to eventually come to terms with the marriage and later that winter, the couple were married in Carmody (6.9: The More Things Change).

Blair Stanley (deceased)

First appearance: 1.1: The Journey Begins
Blair Stanley was a successful businessman, who married Ruth King and had a daughter, Sara Stanley. Ruth died of tuberculosis in Montreal and Hetty would blame Blair for her untimely passing.

When Blair faced embezzlement charges, the wealthy Montreal businessman sent Sara to live with her relatives at King Farm. After Blair was acquitted of the charges, he arrived in Avonlea to take Sara with him back to Montreal.

The King family were surprised by Blair's sudden arrival and a fierce quarrel was rekindled between the Montreal businessman and Hetty King over Sara's residence. After Sara suffered a near fatal injury, Blair and Hetty compromised and decided that Sara could remain in Avonlea until she recovered (1.13: Nothing Endures But Change).

The winter season passed and Sara received a letter from Blair, calling her back to Montreal. She met briefly with her father, but soon Blair was distracted by his business obligations. Later that day, Sara discovered that Blair was instantly killed after a second story scaffold collapsed at the Stanley import warehouse. A small funeral proceeding was held and Blair was buried beside his wife Ruth.(2.1: Sara's Homecoming).

Ruth Stanley (deceased)

First mention: 1.1: The Journey Begins
Ruth Stanley was a daughter of Heziah King, born exactly one year after her brother Roger in 1871. She married the wealthy Blair Stanley, against her sister Hetty's wishes. Ruth and Blair lived in a large estate in Montreal and she gave birth to her only child, Sara Stanley. Ruth died of tuberculosis in 1894 sometime between Christmas and Easter.

Sara Stanley

First appearance: 1.1: The Journey Begins Sara Stanley was the daughter of Blair and Ruth Stanley. Blair was a wealthy businessman who provided a life of luxury for his family in Montreal. Tragedy struck when Ruth died of tuberculosis when Sara was very young. When her father was accused of embezzlement, Sara was sent to live in Avonlea with her King relatives. » Read More

Greta Steig

First appearance: 6.4: Comings and Goings
Greta Steig was hired as a director of housekeeping for the White Sands Hotel. After a misunderstanding, Steig believed that Simon Tremayne was fond of her. Her strict methods conflicted with Pierre LaPierre and Simon Tremayne was forced to fire her to keep his head chef from quitting his job. Steig left for Berlin shortly afterwards.

Daniel Stewart

First mention: 5.7: Someone To Believe In
Avonlea district representative who was planning to retire in 1908. David Amsbury was district representative in 1903, so Stewart's term must have been somewhere between 1904-1908.

Caleb Stokes

First appearance: 5.5: Stranger in the Night
At 18, Caleb Straw left his farm to study geology. After graduating, he worked at the Kuberville mining company. When the company found silver, Caleb went into business for himself.

After two years of fruitless searching, he bribed two experts to examine his property and change their original findings so that he could draw investors. When he was unable to find silver, the scheme was discovered and Caleb spent five years in prison.

After Caleb served his term and was released, he attempted to pay back the investors by selling his deceased parents farm. Broke and scandalized, Caleb became a stray, wandering from town to town performing menial tasks.

Caleb journeyed to Avonlea and was discovered by Alec one night, while seeking shelter from a pending storm. Alec offered Caleb a job as a hired hand and discovered that he was a valuable worker.

Caleb saved Daniel King from being crushed by a barrel and was interviewed by Olivia for the Avonlea Chronicle. Soon after the article was published, he was attacked by two of his former investors who noticed his picture in the newspaper.

Although the two men were arrested, Caleb had to reveal his identity to Alec. Seeing Caleb's good nature, Alec asked the stranger to become his permanent hired hand; but Caleb refused because he didn't want to put the King family at risk of another attack from his enemies. Caleb took the money he earned and left Avonlea to seek work in the United States.

Amanda Stone

First appearance: 3.7: A Dark and Stormy Night
Jewel thief and occasional accomplice of Robert Rutherford, who manipulated Gus in order to hide the Van Douzen jewels.

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