Tom Galan

First mention: 4.2: The Lady and the Blade
Former resident of the house briefly occupied by the Pettibone family. It was believed that the house was haunted.

Archie W. Gillis

First appearance: 2.13: Misfits and Miracles
owner of the town sawmill and coach of the Avonlea Avengers. Archie infuriated the villagers when he began strip cutting timber within a mile of town and nearly knocked down Peg Bowen's house. Archie lost a bet with Peg Bowen when the Avengers lost to Alec King's upstart team, the Misfits, and had to leave the woods around Peg's house alone.

Ruby Gillis

First mention: 2.4: Of Corsets, Secrets and True True love
Rachel Lynde mentioned that Ruby Gillis had died from a fever.

Golden Milestone

The residence of the Dale family.


First appearance: 7.3: Davy and the Mermaid
A wrestler from 'Snibb's World Renowned Midway' that helped swindle money from Donny Lester. When the villagers discovered the scheme, Goliath and the other con artists of the Midway were run out of town.

Ms. Gordon

First appearance: 5.10: Best Laid Plans
Jeremiah Dale's secretary.

Stephen Grant

First appearance: 1.7: Conversions
According to Peg Bowen, Grant set his house on fire and blamed Peg to get the insurance money.

Richard Gray (deceased)

First mention: 1.5: Old Lady Lloyd
Richard Gray taught one semester of school in Avonlea in the 1870's. He was secretly engaged to Margaret Lloyd.

Sylvia Gray

First appearance: 1.5: Old Lady Lloyd
Sylvia Gray was the daughter of Richard Gray and a childhood friend of Olivia King.

Kerry Grier

First appearance: 4.6: Evelyn
Baby girl born to Emmett and Evelyn Grier and God daughter of Alec King.

Emmett Grier (Deceased)

First appearance: 4.6: Evelyn
Emmett was a childhood friend of Alec King. He left Avonlea at age 16 and would eventually marry Evelyn and have a newborn baby, Kerry. Alec encouraged Emmett and his new wife, Evelyn, to return to Avonlea and purchase farmland. Emmett was killed when his boat exploded while offshore fishing.

Evelyn Grier

First appearance: 4.6: Evelyn
Evelyn was married to Emmett Grier and had a newborn baby named Kerry. Emmett's childhood friend, Alec King, encouraged the Grier family to purchase farmland in Avonlea.

Emmett was killed when his boat exploded while offshore fishing and Evelyn was left a penniless widow. Alec felt tremendous guilt and worked hard to run the Grier farm as well as his own. Despite Alec's efforts, Evelyn realized that she couldn't support herself and Kerry in Avonlea and left for work at the Toronto Conservatory.


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