First appearance: 4.2: The Lady and the Blade
Isolde Pettibone, nicknamed "Izzy," was the only daughter of Clive and Jessica Pettibone. She had two older brothers, Arthur and Morgan. At an early age, Izzy had aspirations to be the first woman general of the British army.

Her tomboy appearance was backed up by her ability to beat the Avonlea boys at sports. Izzy became friends with Felix King and during one altercation punched him in the nose.

After a while, Izzy's peers pressured her to change her tom boy appearance. She wanted a dress, but was too embarrassed to ask her father, who was unaware of his daughter's maturity. Olivia suspected that Izzy tried on a dress she made for Cecily and confronted Clive, convincing him to buy her a dress (5.6: A Friend in Need).

A Woman of Importance

In 1909, a budding relationship began between Izzy and Felix when she bid on him at the 1st annual bachelor auction. To her dismay, Janet King outbid her. Later that night, Alec King invited Izzy to King farm for dinner with Felix (6.2: Lonely Hearts).

Izzy and Felix became business partners in running a fox farm. Their friendship was strained however, when Felix replaced Izzy with Nat Lester. When Felix's business started failing, Izzy was able to help him sell the foxes and break even (6.7: A Fox Tale).

Later that winter, Clive proposed to Muriel Stacey, which brought mixed feelings for Izzy, who found it difficult to accept Muriel in her deceased mother's place. Izzy was able to eventually come to terms with their marriage. (6.9: The More Things Change).

In 1911, Izzy contacted her Aunt, Lilian Hepworth, and invited her to visit. Lilian accepted, despite her dislike for Izzy's father, Clive. Izzy, who was nearly 16, made plans to live with her Aunt in Boston. Felix discovered that Lilian was facing financial problems and attempted to warn Izzy.

Felix told Izzy that she was perfect the way she was and that she shouldn't change. Lilian finally told her niece that her business had failed and that she was too proud to admit the failure to Clive.

Izzy decided not to leave with her Aunt and Lilian departed town soon afterward. Izzy finally forgave Felix for their earlier dispute and they kissed, erasing Felix's white lie (7.4: Woman of Importance).

The War Years

By December 1914, The Pettibone family had moved to Halifax.


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