Abigail Ward

(see Abigail MacEwan)

Eliza Ward

First mention: 1.6: Proof of the Pudding
First appearance: 2.2: How Kissing Was Discovered
Eliza Ward was Janet King and Abigail Ward's Great Aunt. She was fiercely opinionated and often outspoken. In her youth, Eliza spent time with her older cousin Winifred Ward, who often sent her for flowers. The reality of Eliza's past is blurred by her inconsistent stories that she told the King family.

Walter Ward (deceased)

First mention: 1.8: Aunt Abigail's Beau
Walter Ward was a minister and fiercely overprotective of his daughters, Janet and Abigail. The strict reverend prohibited Abigail to marry Malcolm MacEwan due to his inadequate financial status. He was also unwilling to allow Alec to court his daughter Janet, until Eliza Ward was able to convince him otherwise.

Winifred Ward (deceased)

First appearance: 7.10: After the Ball Is Over
Winifred was Eliza Ward's older cousin, who was often described as being sharp minded. In her youth, she would often send Eliza to buy flowers.

Owen Bryer was a soldier who called on Winifred, but later turned his affections to Eliza. Bryer was sent to war and Winifred became a nurse in order to get closer to him.

Bryer maintained his devotion toward Eliza however and gave Winifred a silver keepsake chest to give to Eliza. Winifred was too proud to admit her loss and kept the chest from her cousin for many years, even after Bryer was killed in the war.

Winifred visited King farm in December 1911 to celebrate Eliza's 90th birthday. She soon slipped into dementia and began to regret her deceitful actions. Winifred admitted that Bryer meant the chest for Eliza before she died, shortly after Eliza's birthday.

Hank Webster

First appearance: 3.4: Felix and Blackie
Delivery service business owner. Webster challenged Felix to a race, where the winner would dominate the delivery market in Avonlea. Felix failed to make it to Markdale when he accidentally drove into a river. Consequently, the King family horse Blackie was killed from the accident.

Elbert Werts

First appearance: 5.7: Someone To Believe In
Elbert Werts was hired to work at the White Sands hotel in 1908. During his first few days of employment, he was suspected of stealing various items from people at the hotel. Felix King discovered that Elbert was innocent when he found that Adeline Hodgson, the daughter of a politician, was the real culprit. 

Mrs. Wiggins

First mention: 2.4: Of Corsets, Secrets and True True Love
A Strict orphanage disciplinarian.

Uncle Willy

First mention: 2.4: Of Corsets, Secrets and True True Love
The Keith twin's infamous relative, who was supposed to take care of them after Mary Keith died.

Mr. Wilson

First mention: 7.8: Ah... Sweet Mystery of Life
Principal for the Carmody school. After Carmody was defeated in an academic challenge by Avonlea, Wilson cheated by changing the answers and the decision was reversed. The Deputy Minister of Education discovered Wilson's dishonest act and decided that the Avonlea school children had won the contest.

Wilton and Straub

Hetty's Publishing agency for such pulp fiction novels as 'The Lady and the Blade.' When Wilton's son took over the agency in 1909, he rejected Hetty's works and terminated her contract (5.2: Memento Mori)

Womens Christian Temperance Union

The Union accepted a lecture from guest speaker Amelia Sandhurst, a suffragette who campaigned for women's rights (3.6: Aunt Janet Rebels).


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