Pierre Jean LaPierre

First appearance: 3.11: High Society
After a troubled marriage, Pierre's father took him away from his mother, Maggie MacPhee. Years later, Pierre paid for his sister Adele's schooling. Pierre became the White Sands Hotel chef in winter 1905 and introduced french cooking to the hotel's menu.

He also became interested in Rachel Lynde and was elated when she accidentally won him in the 1st annual bachelor auction. When Rachel suffered a stroke, Pierre was there to support her through her recovery.

In an effort to impress his mother, Pierre told her that he was the owner of the White Sands Hotel and that he would cater the marriage celebration between his sister Adele and Count Marek of Poland (6.11: What A Tangled Web We Weave).

Edward "Ed" Lawson

First appearance: 1.2: The Story Girl Earns Her Name
Edward Lawson ran the general store with his wife Elvira until fall 1908. The Lawsons sold their store and bought a store in New Brunswick (5.4: A Friend in Need)

Elvira Lawson

First appearance: 1.2: The Story Girl Earns Her Name
Elvira Lawson ran the general store with her husband Edward until fall 1908. The Lawsons sold their store and bought a store in New Brunswick (5.4: A Friend in Need)

Reverand Leonard

First mention: 1.1: The Journey Begins
First appearance: 1.3: The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's
Presbyterian minister who served in 1903. He gambled on the Misfits during a hockey game and won one hundred dollars for the church roof (2.13: Misfits and Miracles). Leonard was replaced in winter 1905 by Reverend Fitzsimmons.

Agnes Rushdon Leslie

First appearance: 1.6: Proof of the Pudding
Agnes Rushdon Lesley was the wife of the Governor and former neighbor of the King family. When the King watering rights of Rushdon pond were threatened by an overzealous lawyer, Leslie was quick to take action. After an interaction with the King children, who mistook her for Eliza Ward, Leslie quickly restored the water rights to the king family.

Lester and King Fox Farm

Located on McKinnon Road, The fox farm was originally established by Felix King and Izzy Pettibone; but Felix would later replace Izzy with Nat Lester to secure a bank loan. The business eventually failed, but Felix and Izzy were able to break even (6.7: A Fox Tale).

Becky Lester

First appearance: 6.2: Lonely Hearts
A young daughter of Lionel and Molly Lester, Becky was very humble and had a crush on Davy Keith. She bet on him at the 1st annual bachelor's auction.

Donny Lester

First appearance: 7.2: Love May Be Blind... But the Neighbors Ain't
Donny Lester was one of the older children of Lionel and Molly Lester. Donny worked at the soda counter of the general store and became fond of Hannah Hubble, and often called to her by saying "Hi ya baby Hubble." Donny and Hannah confronted Izzy with the rumor that Felix kissed her, which started a conflict between Felix and Izzy. By December 1914, Donny and Hannah were married (mentioned in Happy Christmas Miss King)..

Lionel Lester

First appearance: 5.3: Modern Times
Husband of Molly and father of nine children. Lionel was a cannery worker who struggled financially to support his many children.

Nat Lester

First appearance: 6.2: Lonely Hearts
An older son of Lionel and Molly Lester. Nat considered himself to be a ladies man and was always more interested in himself than in his admirers. In 1909, Nat joined a business partnership with Felix King in running a fox farm. Nat's excessive spending and lack of knowledge were partly responsible for the farm's failure (6.7: A Fox Tale).

Wiley Lester

First appearance: 6.2: Lonely Hearts
A younger son of Lionel and Molly Lester. Wiley quit school to work at the cannery beside his father; but when Lionel discovered his son's mathematical skills, he forced a reluctant Wiley to return to school.

Margaret Lloyd

First appearance: 1.5: Old Lady Lloyd
Margaret Lloyd was secretly engaged to Richard Gray, who was a school teacher in Avonlea in the 1870's. Gray left to pursue a career and died shortly afterwards. Lloyd became a reclusive spinster and hid behind the walls of her estate, which she claimed were cursed by the ghosts of her ancestors.

She was visited by Sara Stanley in 1903, who was determined to learn more about her misfortunate past. Lloyd's wealthy cousin, Andrew Cameron, attempted to help her, but she was too proud to admit her financial burden. When Lloyd learned that Richard Gray's daughter, Sylvia, was aspiring to be a musician, she left her reclusiveness in hopes of helping Sylvia achieve success through Andrew Cameron.

Margaret Lloyd died in 1911. Her estate was given to the town and later converted into a foundling home by Stuart McRae and Felicity King (7.1: Out of the Ashes).

Sara Lloyd

First mention: 1.5: Old Lady Lloyd
According to her great niece Margaret Lloyd, Sara Lloyd fell victim to the Lloyd curse by burning in flames.

Louie (Last name unknown)

First appearance: 6.3: Christmas In June
Louie was a New York newspaper boy who contracted tuberculosis and was sponsored by his union for treatment at Thornhill Sanitarium. Louie was a ruffian who enjoyed playing practical jokes and committing minor theft.

He met Cecily King in June 1909 and they both engaged in several misadventures. Louie discovered that Cecily was going to be removed from the Sanitarium for misconduct and burned a letter written to her parents. The fire spread and nearly burned down the building.

When Louie became deathly ill, Cecily arranged a christmas party for him in summer. Unable to overcome the disease, Louie died soon afterward.

Megget Lydie

First appearance: 7.11: Return to Me
Megget Lydie worked at a mission home in Charleston, South Carolina. She was questioned by Felicity on the whereabouts of Gus Pike, but claimed that she had no knowledge of Gus. Felicity persisted and the next day she spotted Megget outside a church. Megget finally told Felcity where Gus was hiding and led her to the house. 

Billy Lynde

First mention: 5.4: A Friend in Need
First appearance: 6.10: Home is Where the Heart is
Rachel Lynde's son. Chief Constable of jail in Kirksville. Billy arrived in Avonlea when he heard that his mother, Rachel Lynde, had suffered a stroke. He and his brother Robert intended to take her away from Avonlea, but Rachel refused, struggling against a speech impediment to claim that Avonlea was her home.

Robert Lynde

First appearance: 6.5: The Trouble With Davy
Rachel Lynde's son. Robert Lynde brought Rachel with him to his home in Saskatoon after she suffered a stroke. He refused to take Davy and Dora Keith. Robert was bringing Rachel back to Avonlea when she suffered another stroke.

When he heard that she was staying at Rose Cottage and that her condition had grown worse, he and his brother Billy offered to take her with them. Rachel refused, struggling against a speech impediment to claim that Avonlea was her home.

Rachel Lynde

First appearance: 1.3: The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's
As one of the most fiercely opinionated characters in the series, Rachel Lynde would not hesitate to speak her mind. In her adolescence, Rachel Lynde would begin a bitter feud with Hetty King that would last for 36 years.

At the Avonlea Christmas ball in 1868, Romney Penhallow invited Rachel Lynde to the party to make Hetty jealous. The plan backfired and Hetty swore she would never talk to either one of them again.

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