The Dale Cannery of Avonlea (see Cannery)

The Dale Family

The Dale family resided at Golden Milestone. Little is known about the early history of the family, but Jasper Dale eventually became the sole occupant of the farm after his parents died. Jasper's mother was very domineering of her young son and even scorned him for his engagement to another woman shortly before she died.

After several years in seclusion, Jasper fell in love and married Olivia King (see Jasper and Olivia Dale). The rest of Jasper's family visited Avonlea while Olivia was was pregnant with their first child, Montgomery. Jasper's relatives were extremely eccentric and involved with such diverse interests as the performing arts, self-absorbed scientific pursuits and middle east practices such as acupuncture.

The known family members consisted of Olympia, Lancelot, Casper, Minerva and Jasper's cousin Selena Dale. The family's bizarre lifestyles conflicted sharply with the King family and a dispute erupted over the name of Jasper and Olivia's baby. (4.1: Tug of War). When Hetty took a sabbatical from her teaching to care for Montgomery, Jasper's relatives disappeared.

Alecia Dale

First mention: 1.2: The Story Girl Earns Her Name
Jasper's strict domineering mother who scorned her son's engagement to her nurse, Addy McNeil. Alecia died soon afterwards and left Golden Milestone to Jasper.

Alecia (Cooper) Dale

First appearance: 7.12: The Last Hurrah
Alecia was the daughter of Lottie Cooper, a cannery worker from Mayfair. When the town was bought by Carmody and the cannery opted only to hire men, Lottie was referred to the Dale cannery of Avonlea. When Olivia found Lottie and her baby sleeping outside the cannery, she offered them boarding at Golden Milestone.

The baby was called 'Alecia' after Jasper's mother. When the Dale cannery burned down, Lottie was unable to provide for Alecia and left her in the care of the Dales. In summer 1912, Jasper accepted a position at the Royal Society and the Dales left Avonlea for England. During the war in 1914, Alecia returned to Avonlea with Olivia and Montgomery to celebrate Christmas (Happy Chrismas Miss King).

Jasper Dale

First appearance: 1.2: The Story Girl Earns Her Name
Jasper Dale's parents had high expectations of their young son. When his mother took sick, Jasper fell in love with her nurse, Addy McNeil. His mother disapproved of his relationship and refused to accept their marriage. After his mother died, Jasper became engaged to McNeil, but he was stood up at the alter.

Afterwards, Jasper became a recluse and was known among Avonlea villiagers as the "awkward man." Despite this title, Jasper was a brilliant inventor and his many ideas would remain hidden among the clutter of his workshop. That is, until a certain story girl arrived in Avonlea... » Read More.

Jeremiah Dale

First appearance: 5.10: Best Laid Plans
Jeremiah was Jasper's trouble making cousin who was often known for stealing in his youth. He became a Charlottetown businessman in later years and cheated investors out of their money. Olivia asked Jeremiah to help Jasper patent and produce his new product, which Jeremiah temporarily called 'Jasperon.'

Jeremiah swindled the town and attempted to leave with investments and the formula for the new product. When he reached the patent office, he learned that the formula had already been patented.

Montgomery Dale

First appearance: 4.1: Tug of War
The son of Jasper and Olivia Dale, Montgomery was born in the Spring of 1907 but almost didn't survive his birth. Fortunately, his father was able to clear his airway and revive him. In 1912, Montgomery left with his parents to England when Jasper accepted a position in the royal society (7.13: So Dear to My Heart).

He returned with Olivia and Alecia in 1914 during the war to celebrate Christmas. Hetty was amused by Montgomery's acquired British accent, reserved intelligence, and procoscious manner of speaking. After the Christmas reunion, Montgomery departed Avonlea with his mother to return to England (Happy Christmas Miss King).

Olivia Dale

First appearance: 1.1: The Journey Begins
Olivia King (Dale) was the youngest daughter born to Heziah King. Edwin Clark was Olivia's first love, but he was driven away by Olivia's domineering sister, Hetty King. Hetty would often treat Olivia as a child, claiming at one point that she lacked Grandfather King's "get up and go." » Read More.

Selena Dale

First appearance: 4.1: Tug of War
Selena Dale was Jasper Dale's cousin. She arrived with her eccentric relatives when they visited Golden Milestone in 1907 and attempted to introduce acupuncture to Sara Stanley. She left with the Dale family but returned again in 1911 to help Olivia while Jasper was in Cambridge.

Selena was able to assemble many of Jasper's inventions, including a voice replicator that included a message from Jasper for Olivia (7.6: King of the Great White Way). Selena became infatuated with a visiting scientist, Professor Antonio Rizelli, who arrived in Avonlea to observe an eclipse. Selena was overwhelmed when the Professor asked her to be his assistant (7.7: Total Eclipse).

Nurse Darlington

First appearance: 6.3: Christmas in June
Nurse at Thornhill Sanitarium.

Percy Davis

First mention: 7.12: The Last Hurrah
Mayfair cannery owner who referred Lottie Cooper to the Dale cannery when he opted to hire only men.

Death Rides By Night

Name of the story that Sara was reading during the time Robert Rutherford and Amanda Stone were in town. The novel included Sir Bathel who was in pursuit of Lord Doom (3.7: A Dark and Stormy Night)


First appearance: 3.1: The Ties That Bind
The King family dog. Digger was most likely a stray, until he was found by Cecily King. Digger had a tendency to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This was evident when he was accidentally shot by Felix King at Vernon River.  Digger nearly died but was saved when Arthur Pettibone performed a risky surgery (4.3: Incident at Vernon River).

Despite the trouble that Digger caused, he proved useful as a loyal companion to Cecily. Digger had a knack for catching foxes and was used as fox hound for Felix and Izzy's fox farm. This would prove problematic however, when Digger would also be responsible for the fox's escape (6.7: A Fox Tale).

Alistair Dimple

First mention: 3.5: Another Point of View
Dimple was a failed actor, who wandered into Avonlea and won the job of schoolteacher after Hetty temporarily resigned. Dimple used his theatrical experience and used play acting as a method of teaching the children history. Alec, as a new member of the school board, discovered that Dimple's teaching credentials were false. Despite his ability to teach and inspire the children, Dimple had to resign his position and leave town.

Ambrose Dimsdale

First mention: 2.4: Of Corsets, Secrets and True True Love
In 1867, Ambrose Dimsdale swept through Avonlea with his evangelical choir and caused quite a stir, especially among Rachel Lynde. It was discovered years later, that Ambrose Dimsdale was a womanizer, marrying many women as he toured from town to town.

Theodora Dixon

First appearance: 2.11: It's Just a Stage
Treasurer for the Avonlea improvement society. Theodora pursued pig farmer Pat Frewen for twenty years to no avail. Finally, Pigeon Plumbtree and Sara Stanley brought the couple together during their charity performance for the Avonlea Improvement Society.

Silus Drabble

First appearance: 2.4: Of Corsets, Secrets and True True love
Undertaker for Lasting Memorial Casket company. Drabble tried to convince Rachel Lynde to buy a casket when she suffered from a toothache.

Harold B. Dunn

First appearance: 4.12: Home Movie
American Industrialist who attempted to buy up all the property in Avonlea to modernize and convert the town into Dunnsville, a town of the future. Hetty and Jasper rallied to present a motion picture to the villagers, showing the importance of tradition and community in defiance of the modernization of their town. Swayed by the film, the villagers ripped up Dunn's offer and rejected his proposal.


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