C.L. Small

Clive Pettibone's pen name while he was writing pulp fiction novels. (4.2: The Lady and the Blade).


King family horse, formerly a racehorse, acquired by Alec from the Summerside racetrack (3.4: Felix and Blackie)

Enoch Caine

First appearance: 6.7: A Fox Tale
Enoch Caine was Manager of the P.E.I. Provincial Bank in Fall 1909 and helped Felix King and Nat Lester obtain a business loan for investment in a fox farm. Later that winter, Caine rented the room above the bank for Avonlea's first telephone exchange and offered Felicity unspecified employment at the bank (6.13: Homecoming). Caine was replaced as bank manager by Stuart McRae in summer 1911 (7.1: Out of the Ashes).

Andrew Cameron

First appearance: 1.5: Old Lady Lloyd
Andrew Cameron was a millionaire and overseer of the Cameron musical competition. He was a cousin to Margaret Lloyd who sought to help his stubborn cousin out of her financial burden. Cameron also opted to support Sylvia Gray in her music career.

Mrs. Campbell

First appearance: 4.8: Heirs and Graces
Mrs. Campbell was going to accept the honor of the Campbell family being the first settlers on founder's day 1907, but it discovered that the Ward's were the true founders. Felicity copied her dress.

Wellington Campbell

First appearance: 1.2: The Story Girl Earns Her Name
A former islander, Wellington Campbell made a fortune in the paper and pulp business before returning to Avonlea. After watching Sara Stanley's moving magic lantern performance, Campbell was inspired and agreed to donate sufficient funds to build a new public library in honor of his mother.


As early as 1904, the cannery was owned by Angus McCorkndale, who was known for imposing harsh conditions and poor wages on his workers. Janet King, inspired by the suffragette movement, led a campaign to provide fair wages for the workers. When Margaret McCorkndale learned that the cannery was losing money due to a strike, she forced her reluctant husband to accept Janet King's terms and increase wages (3.6: Aunt Janet Rebels).

McCorkndale sold the cannery to H.B. Dunn in winter 1908. (4.12: Home Movie). Hetty later purchased the cannery to prevent Dunn from converting it into a distillery. Hetty later sold the cannery to Jasper and Olivia Dale, who were more interested in running the establishment. Jasper used Henry Ford's methods of implementing a mechanical assembly line to improve efficiency.

In order to pay for costs, the Dales had to put Golden Milestone up for collateral with their investor. With the help of the King family, Jasper and Olivia were able to meet a deadline and keep advertisers interested in their business (5.3: Modern Times).

Tragedy struck in 1912, when the Dale cannery burned down (7.12: The Last Hurrah). Jasper and Olivia tried to rebuild the cannery, but Stuart McRae advised against it, claiming that they would not be able to compete with Carmody. Jasper thanked the workers for their hard work and commitment and announced that he would not be rebuilding the cannery (7.13: So Dear To My Heart).

Thomas Ewett Carlisle

First mention: 4.8: Heirs and Graces
Alec and Hetty's Great Great Great maternal Grandfather.

Ms. Carpenter

First appearance: 2.4: Of Corsets, Secrets and True True Love
Mrs. Carpenter was a representative from the orphanage in Charlottetown, who was called by Marilla Cuthbert to take Davy and Dora. Her services were rejected by Rachel Lynde when she decided to keep the Keith twins at Green Gables.

Isabelle Carrington

First appearance: 5.8: Strictly Melodrama
Carrington was a famous actress who was involved in a scandal with a married man. In order to keep a low profile from the scandal, Carrington stayed in Avonlea for several weeks. During the regional drama competition between Avonlea and Carmody, Hetty was able to acquire Carrington for the leading role in her play. When Carrington's demands conflicted with Hetty's direction, she was removed from the play and replaced with Janet King.

Sydney Carver

First appearance: 3.10: After the Honeymoon
Dr. Sydney Carver was a scientist who visited Golden Milestone while conducting research on bats with her colleague, Jasper Dale. The amount of time that Jasper and Sydney began to spend together caused the town to gossip and Olivia to become jealous. During a research outing to the islands caves, Sydney made advances on Jasper. Jasper promptly refused her advances, and had to tell Sydney that he was happily married. She left town soon afterwards.

Miss Cavendish

First appearance: 3.11: High Society
Principal of Kingsport Ladies College in Nova Scotia.

Edwin Clark

First mention: 1.4: The Materializing of Duncan McTavish
First appearance: 2.6: May the Best Man Win
Edwin Clark was Olivia King's first love. After Hetty broke up their relationship, Edwin married Alfie Gillis around 1895. When Alfie died, she left Edwin wealthy from her inheritance. The wealthy Clark returned to Avonlea to seek Olivia's hand in marriage, unaware that she was growing fond of Jasper Dale.

Edwin revealed his villainous nature when he gypped Teddy Armstrong out of a nickel. When Teddy Armstrong fell into a well, Olivia saw Edwin's cowardice when he refused to help the boy. Jasper however, was quick to help Teddy and win Olivia's affection. Edwin's plans were crushed when Olivia wisely rejected his marriage proposal.

Lottie Cooper

First appearance: 7.12: The Last Hurrah
When Carmody bought out Mayfair and the cannery opted only to hire men, cannery worker Lottie Cooper was referred to the Dale cannery. Lottie's husband "didn't stick around" and she was left to care for her baby. Olivia found Lottie with her child sleeping outside the Dale cannery and provided her employment and boarding at Golden Milestone.

When the Dale cannery burned down, Lottie realized that she couldn't provide for her child. She left her baby, now called Alecia after Jasper's mother, with the Dales and left town.

Jack Craig

First mention: 1.7: Conversions
The father of Peter Craig and husband of Maude Craig who spent his time in prison.

Maude Craig

First appearance: 1.7: Conversions
Maude Craig worked as a housekeeper for Mrs. Conolley in Markdale. Her husband was in prison and her son Peter was sent to Rose Cottage to work as a hired hand.

Maude would eventually work at the McCorkndale cannery in Avonlea, but would be fired by the tyrannical owner when she signed Janet King's petition calling for fair wages. With the cannery losing money due to a strike, McCorkndale reluctantly accepted Janet King's terms, increased wages and gave Maude her job back (Aunt Janet Rebels).

Peter Craig

First appearance: 1.1: The Journey Begins
Peter was sent to Rose Cottage to work as a hired hand when his mother could not financially care for him. He was often taunted by Felicity and Edward Ray for his status. In the summer of 1903, Peter became deathly ill with influenza and relied on Peg Bowen's herbal medicine for his survival. After recovering from his illness, Peter was given a tree in King orchard as gratitude for his service to the King family.

Ezekiel Crane

First appearance: 2.8: Sea Ghost
Ezekiel Crane had once pursued his love Eliza, but she fell in love and married Abraham "Abe" Pike (see Eliza Pike). Abe Pike, in a fit of rage, dragged his wife Eliza to an asylum. Eliza became ill and Ezekiel rushed to her bedside. Eliza had Ezekiel promise her that he would help Abe Pike and keep an eye on her son, Gus Pike. » Read More

Marilla Cuthbert (deceased)

First appearance: 1.3: The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's
Final appearance: 3.13: Old Friends Old Wounds
Marilla Cuthbert lived with her life long friend, Rachel Lynde, at Green Gables. When her relative Mary Keith died, Marilla agreed to adopt her children, Davy and Dora Keith. The two children, especially Davy, proved to be quite a handful. Rachel was at odds with Davy's trouble causing behavior and almost left Green Gables for good.

Marilla had to make a difficult decision, or lose her life long friend. She ultimately decided that the Keith twins must be sent to an orphanage. When a nagging tooth was removed, Rachel returned to Green Gables and surprisingly insisted that the Keith twins remain in Avonlea (2.4: Of Corsets, Secrets and True True Love). In winter 1907, Marilla would die of heart failure (3.13: Old Friends, Old Wounds).


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