P.E.I. Provincial Bank

The bank was established in 1909 in the location where the Avonlea Chronicle was formerly located. The bank manager was Enoch Caine. He was later replaced by Stuart McRae (7.1: Out of the Ashes).

Judson Parker

First appearance: 1.10: Felicity's Challenge
Parker was a candidate for the legislative assembly who charmed the town women in order to sway their husband's votes. Parker attempted to 'buy' Alec King's vote by offering to reward Felicity with best costume at the Harvest Ball.

When Alec rejected the candidate's political bribery, Parker changed his decision and awarded the prize for best costume to Jane Spry. The town eventually learned about Parker's political tricks and supported the favorable candidate David Amsbury. 


First appearance: 1.11: The Witch of Avonlea
The King family cat. Peg Bowen allegedly put a spell on Pat after an unfriendly altercation with Janet King. Pat soon recovered.

Romney Penhallow

First mention: 1.9: Malcolm and the Baby
First appearance: 2.5: Old Quarrels, Old Love
Romney Penhallow was Hetty's early love interest, although their relationship was often based on a competitive rivalry. Romney always admired Hetty because she had her "wits about her."

At the Avonlea Christmas ball in 1868, Romney Penhallow invited Rachel Lynde to the party to make Hetty jealous. The plan misfired and Hetty swore she would never talk to either one of them again. Romney left the island soon afterwards and experienced guilt for leaving his father when he was sick.

Romney became a successful artist and often displayed his work at the art exhibition in Charlottetown. Thirty-six years later, Romney returned to Avonlea as a successful artist. Hetty attempts to avoid her former 'heart's desire,' which results in Hetty accidentally being plunged into a pond.

Despite this humiliating reunion, Hetty and Romney resumed their antagonistic friendship and ended the "36 year war" between them. Hetty soon discovers that Romney was sick and had to leave the island for medical reasons. Not long afterwards, Hetty discovers that Romney passed away.


First appearance: 4.5: Moving On
The horse Sara won the barrel race with when Zak Morgan's wild west show visited Avonlea. 

Margie Perdie

First appearance: 1.9: Malcolm and the Baby
Assistant to lawyer Theodore Simpkin.

Pettibone Family

The Pettibone family arrived in Avonlea during the winter of 1907(4.2: The Lady and the Blade). They originally resided in the Tom Galan's house, but quickly moved to the former Ray house in the heart of town.

Arthur Pettibone

First mention: 4.2: The Lady and the Blade
First appearance: 4.3: Incident At Vernon River
The first born child of Clive and Jessica Pettibone, Arthur had two siblings, Morgan and Isolde. Arthur was raised by his mother while his father served overseas in the British Army. When his mother died, Arthur blamed his father for not being by her side.

He shared his mother's fiery temperament, and would criticize his father's strict militant style of upbringing. Years later, Arthur studied to be a veterinarian in Toronto. He visited his family in 1907 and was at turmoil with his father once again.

When the King family dog Digger was shot, Arthur performed surgery and saved the dog's life. After graduating, Arthur returned to Avonlea in February 1908, looking to be a veterinarian apprentice.

He instantly began a heated rivalry with Gus Pike over who would bring Felicity to the Valentine's Day Dance (4.8: Hearts and Flowers). When the King farm pigs became sick, Arthur was able to save them, which drew admiration from Felicity while making Gus jealous.

Arthur introduced Felicity to his bizarre fascination and belief in mythical sea creatures. He attempted to court Felicity, but was rejected when Felicity chose Gus (4.10: Felicity's Perfect Beau).

Clive Pettibone

First appearance: 4.2: The Lady and the Blade
Retired Colonel who moved to Avonlea in the winter of 1907 with his children Izzy and Morgan. Clive's wife, Jessica, died while he was serving in the military overseas.

He served at the Proctor military Academy in India, Dehli as an instructor and brought his strict disciplinarian methods of teaching to Avonlea. His militant methods of instruction however, received strong opposition from the peaceful maritime community.

After changing his methods, Clive was able to retain his position as the Avonlea school teacher. The Colonel also published pulp fiction novels under the pen name C.L Small and collaborated with Hetty King on several stories during her sabbatical from teaching.

Clive was elected the town's first volunteer fire chief, after Hetty King made the deciding vote by choosing Clive over her brother Alec (4.4: Boys Will Be Boys). Clive began a relationship with Muriel Stacey at the 1st Annual Bachelor's Auction when Muriel won him in the bidding.

Later that winter, the couple were married in Carmody. That same winter, Clive accepted a position as chief attendant of schools, which required that he spend a considerable amount of time away from Avonlea (6.9: The More Things Change).

Isolde (Izzy) Pettibone

First appearance: 4.2: The Lady and the Blade
Isolde Pettibone, nicknamed "Izzy," was the only daughter of Clive and Jessica Pettibone. She had two older brothers, Arthur and Morgan. At an early age, Izzy had aspirations to be the first woman general of the British army. Her tomboy appearance was backed up by her ability to beat the Avonlea boys at sports. Izzy became friends with Felix King and during one altercation punched him in the nose.

Jessica Pettibone

First mention: 4.2: The Lady and the Blade
The wife of Clive and mother of Arthur, Morgan and Izzy Pettibone. She died while Clive was serving in the military overseas.

Morgan Pettibone

First appearance: 4.2: The Lady and the Blade
The second son of Clive Pettibone, Morgan had one brother, Arthur and a sister, Isolde. Soon after the family settled in Avonlea, Morgan left for the military academy.

He was dismissed from the academy in 1911 after he was caught drawing pictures of his superiors. Naturally, Clive was irate with his son's behavior and demanded that he write a letter of apology to the academy.

Morgan told his father that he didn't want to return to the academy and that he wanted to become a teacher and enroll in a liberal arts program at Dalhousie University. Arthur supported Morgan and they were able to convince Clive that the decision was reasonable (7.4: Woman of Importance).

Muriel Pettibone

(See Muriel Stacey)

Abraham "Abe" Pike

First mention: 2.3: Aunt Hetty's Ordeal
First appearance: 2.8: Sea Ghost
Abraham was the husband of Eliza and the father of Gus Pike. The Pikes lived a short distance from Pat Frewen's farm.

One night, in a fit of rage, Abe Pike dragged his wife to an asylum (see Eliza Pike). Abe was convicted of committing murder and spent many years in jail. He eventually escaped and sought refuge in Avonlea with the help of a reluctant Ezekiel Crane.

Crane had promised Eliza that he would help Abraham. Abe wanted Gus to join him, but Ezekiel would not allow it. He stole Janet King's wedding ring and gave it to Gus, claiming that it was his mother's ring.

When Hetty discovered that Gus was in possession of the stolen ring, the town reacted with an uproar. Crane prevented Abe from taking Gus with him and a battle ensued atop the lighthouse, which resulted in Abe plummeting to the rocky shore (2.8: Sea Ghost).

Abe was believed to have died from the fall, but he survived and would soon come back to haunt his son. Abraham settled on the main land with a gang of pick pockets.

He sent Gus an anonymous message stating that Captain Crane needed help. Abraham lured the unsuspecting Gus and Sara Stanley to a seedy place called 'The Black Parrot' in order to find and seek revenge on his old enemy, Captain Crane.

Gus made a deal with his father to protect Sara and revealed that Captain Crane was hiding in Jamaica. Abe Pike began his journey to Jamaica and locked Gus and Sara in the cargo chamber of his ship; but Gus and Sara escaped (3.3: But When She Was Bad, She Was Horrid part 2)

Eliza Pike

First mention: 2.8: Sea Ghost
First appearance: 6.1: The Return of Gus Pike
Perhaps no other Avonlea character is shrouded in more mystery than Eliza Pike. Eliza was pursued by Ezekiel Crane, but fell in love and married Abraham Pike. Eliza and Abe lived a short distance from Pat Frewen's farm and had a son, Gus Pike.

One night, in a fit of rage, Abe Pike dragged his wife to an asylum. Eliza became ill and Ezekiel Crane rushed to her bedside. Eliza had Ezekiel promise her that he would help Abe Pike and keep an eye on Gus. » Read More.

Gus Pike

First appearance: 2.2: How Kissing Was Discovered
Gus Pike was the son of Eliza Pike, and for many years, he believed that his true father was Abe (Abraham) Pike. His mother was taken away from him when he was very young and placed in an asylum by the villainous Abe.

Gus became a sailor and travelled the world, visiting exotic locations such as the Spice Islands in the West Indies. When his droller went down off the coast of Nova Scotia, he arrived back in Avonlea.

Felicity Pike

(See Felicity King)

Howie Pinker

First appearance: 2.10: Dreamer of Dreams
Printer at the Avonlea Chronicle for over 35 years. 

Jo Pitts

First appearance: 3.2: But When She Was Bad, She Was Horrid
Jo Pitts was a pickpocket in Abe Pike's gang on the mainland, who left while owing them money. The grubby ruffian drifted into Avonlea, where a chance encounter put her face to face with her look-alike, Sara Stanley.

Their resemblance was striking and they soon agreed that Jo would pose as Sara while Sara left the village to escape from Hetty's domineering behavior. Jo began to wreak havoc by stealing from the church missionary box, terrorizing Felicity, hitting Felix, and attempting to drown Hetty.

Gus Pike identified Jo as she was attempting to leave the island after looting Rose Cottage. There was consideration to civilize Jo, but she disappeared before this could be achieved.

Pigeon Plumbtree

First appearance: 2.11: It's Just a Stage
Famous actress and cousin of Sara Stanley. Pigeon visited Avonlea for a short time and caused much grief for Hetty and inspired Sara to become an actress. Pigeon related everything to the stage and often found it difficult to distinguish between play-acting and reality.

After a misunderstanding, pig farmer Pat Frewen revealed his courting intentions to Pigeon, which caused the actress to berate him in the White Sands dining room. After realizing her cruel actions, Pigeon helped Sara bring Pat Frewen and the pursuing Theodora Dixon together during their charity performance for the Avonlea Improvement Society.

Countess Polenska

First appearance: 6.11: What A Tangled Web We Weave
Countess Polenska of Poland visited Avonlea for the wedding of her son, Count Marek. Polenska was bitter and grieved about how her family lost their inheritance in Europe.

Bert Potts

Clara's First appearance: 1.2: The Story Girl Earns Her Name
Bert and Clara lived with their daughter Sally in a humble house on Avonlea's main road. The couple were both active in Avonlea town meetings and the everyday events of the village. Bert participated in the volunteer fire department (4.4: Boys Will Be Boys) and Clara was involved in the Avonlea Improvement Society.

Clara Potts

Clara's First appearance: 1.2: The Story Girl Earns Her Name
Bert and Clara lived with their daughter Sally in a humble house on Avonlea's main road. Clara was known for her gossip and Rachel Lynde once said that Clara's tongue was "hinged in the middle."

The couple were both active in Avonlea town meetings and the everyday events of the village. Bert participated in the volunteer fire department (4.4: Boys Will Be Boys) and Clara was involved in the Avonlea Improvement Society.

Sally Potts

First appearance: 1.2: The Story Girl Earns Her Name
Sally Potts was best friends with Jane Spry and her rivals were Sara Stanley and occasionally Felicity King. Sally was jealous of Sara and her privileged life as the daughter of a wealthy businessman.

During Sara and Jasper Dale's magic lantern show, Sally startled Jasper and he fumbled the projector, which consequently set the building on fire. Sara forced Sally to admit that she caused the fire and she was plunged into the school pond.

The rivalry would continue when Sally and Felicity teased Sara for entering her Aunt Hetty into a 'mother of the year' contest for 'Mother's Own Magazine.' In retaliation, Sara planted a phony letter, stating that Sally and Felicity had been switched at birth.

Sally was excited about becoming a member of the King family, but was regretful when she saw that it hurt her mother, Clara. Sara eventually revealed her scheme and won the essay contest.

In later years, Sally went to school in Carmody and would return as Avonlea's first telephone operator. She had the unfortunate task of informing Felicity that Gus's ship went down and all hands were lost. 

Lyle Prescott

First mention: 4.13: Hearth and Home
A Union soldier who proposed to a young Eliza Ward in New York. Eliza rejected his proposal. 

Colleen Wells Pritchard (deceased)

First appearance: 6.12: A Time To Every Purpose
Colleen was a childhood friend of Felicity King's. She married Seth Pritchard and asked Felicity to be present when she gave birth to her first child. Tragedy struck however, when Colleen died during childbirth.

Mavis Pritchard

First appearance: 7.1: Out of the Ashes
Mavis was married to Seth Pritchard. Mavis volunteered Felicity for the committee that would oversee the Lloyd property, which would eventually become the foundling home (7.1: Out of the Ashes)

Seth Pritchard

First appearance: 6.12: A Time To Every Purpose
Seth Pritchard married Colleen Wells, who was a childhood friend of Felicity King's. Tragedy struck when she died while giving birth to their first child. Felicity helped Seth take care of the child after the tragedy. In the summer that followed, Seth announced that he had married again, this time to Colleen's second cousin, Mavis. (7.1: Out of the Ashes).

Prince of Spelling

First appearance: 1.11: The Witch of Avonlea
The Prince appeared to Felicity in a dream, after she correctly spelled the word 'onomatopoeia.'

Nurse Pringle

First mention: 2.12: A Mother's Love
Nurse that was on duty when Felicity King and Sally Potts were born at the same time. 

Pulpit stone

A landmark that was described by Gus Pike as 'three large boulders set up like a table.' The structure was used by Ezekiel Crane as a decoy to distract Captain Borden from buried treasure 2.9: All That Glitters. Gus later found that his mother, Eliza Pike, hid many photographs in a box beneath the structure (see Eliza Pike) (6.1: The Return of Gus Pike). It was at this site where Gus speculated that Ezekiel Crane could be his real father.

Mrs. Purvis

First appearance: 2.12: A Mother's Love


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