First appearance: 1.1: The Journey Begins
Olivia King (Dale) was the youngest daughter born to Heziah King. Edwin Clark was Olivia's first love, but he was driven away by Olivia's domineering sister, Hetty King. Hetty would often treat Olivia as a child, claiming at one point that she lacked Grandfather King's "get up and go."

Dreamer of Dreams

Olivia was able to gain some independence from Hetty, when she acquired a job as a journalist at the Avonlea Chronicle. After coercion by Sara, Olivia and Jasper formed a partnership at the newspaper office, Jasper taking pictures and Olivia writing for the Avonlea Chronicle (1.12: The Hope Chest of Arabella King). Jasper's photographs complemented Olivia's text nicely and the two began to become fond of each other. Jasper and Olivia were opposites in many ways. Jasper's shy demeanor was a contrast to Olivia's outgoing personality. They depended on each other greatly throughout the series. This dependence strengthened their fondness for each other and their professional relationship became a budding romance.

Jasper's chief antagonist was Hetty King, who strongly was against her younger sister's involvement with 'the awkward man.' Olivia's former love, Edwin Clark, returned to Avonlea to seek Olivia's hand in marriage, unaware that she was growing fond of Jasper. Hetty, in fear that Olivia would marry Jasper, supported Edwin Clarke in his objective. When Teddy Armstrong fell into a well, Jasper quickly saved the boy while Edwin refused to help. Jasper proposed to Olivia and she accepted, while rejecting Edwin's proposal (2.6: May the Best Man Win). When Olivia was suspected of stealing school renewal funds from the Avonlea Chronicle safe, Jasper rigged a trap with his camera to set up the real culprit (2.10: Dreamer of Dreams).

After another fued with Hetty over their wedding arrangements, Jasper and Olivia were married in the summer of 1906 (3.1: The Ties That Bind). Their first son, Montgomery, was born in the Spring of 1907 but almost didn't survive childbirth. Only a quick response by Jasper saved his son's life (4.1: Tug of War). Burdened with balancing work and motherhood, Olivia was relieved when Hetty quit her position as school teacher to help care for Montgomery (4.2: The Lady and the Blade).

Modern Times

With the new baby and Jasper's refusal to trade his research ambitions for a job as a bank teller, the Dales were often faced with financial difficulties. In summer 1909, Jasper and Olivia offered to run the cannery after Hetty purchased it from H.B. Dunn. By implementing Ford's assembly line techniques, Jasper was able to improve the efficiency of the cannery (5.3: Modern Times).

In Spring 1912, Carmody bought the Mayfair cannery and planned to appropriate the Dale cannery. When the former Mayfair cannery opted only to hire men, a young cannery worker named Lottie Cooper was referred to the Dale cannery. Olivia found the young woman with her baby sleeping outside the cannery and provided her with employment and boarding at Golden Milestone. Tragedy struck however, when the Dale cannery was destroyed in a fire. No longer able to provide for her baby, Lottie Cooper left her baby, now called Alecia after Jasper's mother, with the Dales and departed town (7.12: The Last Hurrah). The Dales attempted to rebuild the cannery, but banker Stuart McRae advised them against it, informing them that they would not be able to compete with Carmody. In light of the disaster, Jasper accepted a position at the Royal Society in England and the Dales announced that they would be leaving Avonlea. Hetty was infuriated when Olivia wanted her share of the King trust fund. Felcity was able to help Hetty put aside her bitter fued and she eventually accepted the Dales plans (7.13: So Dear To My Heart). Soon afterwards, Jasper and Olivia left for England.

The War Years

Olivia, Montgomery and Alecia returned to Avonlea in 1914 to celebrate Christmas. Hetty criticised Jasper for being incompetent when he missed the boat from England, which rekindled an old quarrel between the sisters. Olivia began questioning whether Jasper loved her, but was reassured when he sent her a music box. Shortly after the King family reunion, the Dales returned to England to rejoin Jasper (Happy Christmas Miss King).

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