First appearance: 2.2: How Kissing Was Discovered
Gus Pike was the son of Eliza Pike, and for many years, he believed that his true father was Abe (Abraham) Pike. His mother was taken away from him when he was very young and placed in an asylum by the villainous Abe. Gus became a...

First appearance: 2.2: How Kissing Was Discovered
Gus Pike was the son of Eliza Pike, and for many years, he believed that his true father was Abe (Abraham) Pike. His mother was taken away from him when he was very young and placed in an asylum by the villainous Abe. Gus became a sailor and travelled the world, visiting exotic locations such as the Spice Islands in the West Indies. When his droller went down off the coast of Nova Scotia, he arrived back in Avonlea.

Gus arrives in Avonlea

Gus arrived in Avonlea in the summer of 1904 and found temporary work at King Farm as a handyman. His life changed when he met Felicity King. After a failed attempt at romance with the cricket player David Haas, Felicity fretted about her desire to be kissed.

To Felicity's surprise, Gus kissed her in the King Farm hayloft (2.2: How Kissing Was Discovered). Shortly afterwards, Gus began working at the McCorkandale cannery.

When Hetty King offered the cannery workers a chance at an education, Gus quickly accepted her offer. Gus was blamed for a fire at the cannery and decided to quit school to repay the damages.

Hetty attempted to get Gus to return, but Gus reluctantly refused. At the Governor's reception, Gus returned and performed a hauntingly beautiful song with his fiddle in honor of Hetty King (2.3: Aunt Hetty's Ordeal). Gus decided to continue his education and balanced his schoolwork with his employment at the cannery.

Sea Ghosts Rising

Gus, Felicity and the King cousins encountered the lighthouse operator, Captain Ezekiel Crane. Gus discovered that Crane was harboring his villainous father, Abe Pike, who recently broke out of prison.

Abe stole Janet King's wedding ring and gave it to Gus, claiming that it was his mother's ring. When Hetty discovered that Gus was in possession of the stolen ring, the town reacted with an uproar. Crane prevented Abe from taking Gus with him and a battle ensued atop the lighthouse, which resulted in Abe plummeting to the rocky shore (2.8: Sea Ghost).

Gus and Ezekiel would be threatened once again when they encountered the villainous Captain Borden, but Crane outsmarted his former rival and was able to acquire a much sought after treasure. Ezekiel gave Gus a ruby red ring, entrusted him with the lighthouse and departed the island (2.9: All That Glitters).

With his advances in education and social etiquette, Gus left the gritty work of the cannery and began to work at the White Sands hotel.

Hearts, Flowers and A Heated Rivalry

Gus and Felicity continued to tease their pending relationship, but by the winter of 1906, things began to change. Felicity encouraged her parents to dine at the hotel so that she could arrange a romantic dinner alone with Gus.

Alec discovered Felicity's deceptive scheme and scorned his daughter. Felicity defied her father and attempted to run away from King farm and stay at the lighthouse. Gus explained his respect for Alec and together they returned to King Farm so that Gus could explain that his intentions were honorable.  Alec ultimately decided to allow Gus and Felicity to spend time alone together (4.7: The Dinner).

In February 1907, Arthur Pettibone returned to Avonlea (see Arthur Pettibone) and became interested in Felicity. He instantly began a heated rivalry with Gus Pike over who would bring Felicity to the Valentine's Day Dance (4.8: Hearts and Flowers).

After hearing that Arthur was alone with Felicity, Gus began a brawl with him. Gus proposed to Felicity with his ruby red ring that he received from Captain Crane but she refused his proposal, telling him to wait for two years. When Arthur asked Felicity if he could court her, she rejected him in favor of Gus (4.10: Felicity's Perfect Beau).

Otherwise Engaged

In winter 1908, Gus was appointed assistant manager of the White Sands Hotel. With his increase in wages and status, Gus proposed to Felicity. An argument quickly erupted when Felicity mentioned that she wanted to go to medical college in Halifax, which required her to put aside marriage to achieve her education goals.

Felicity became distraught when Gus told her he wouldn't wait for her to finish school. In fear of losing Gus, Felicity decided to accept Gus's proposal and pursue teachers college in the Spring.

Realizing that Felicity would be unhappy if she didn't pursue her career goals, Gus decided to leave for work on the ship 'The Aunty Jane' with his fellow mate Matt O'Donnel. Before Gus departed Avonlea, he offered his ring to her again, but this time with "no strings attached (5.11: Otherwise Engaged)."

While attending medical school in summer 1909, Felicity spotted Gus again and after a brief misunderstanding, they became reacquainted. Soon afterwards, Gus and Felicity met a mysterious woman, who Gus believed might be his mother (see Eliza Pike).

Gus brought the woman to Avonlea and discovered that she had photographs of Eliza's past hidden in a box beneath the pulpit stone. Convinced that the woman was Eliza Pike and that Ezekiel Crane could possibly have been his true father, Gus decided to journey to Jamaica in search of Captain Crane.

Before departing, Gus asked Felicity if she would marry him again. Felicity replied by saying that she would always be his forever (6.1: The Return of Gus Pike). In winter 1910, Felicity's world came crashing down when she discovered that the ship Gus was on, the Maid of Calais, went down and all hands were lost (6.13: Homecoming).

Return to Me

By 1911, Felicity was engaged to marry banker Stuart McRae. While she was preparing for the wedding, she received a call from a nurse in South Carolina.  Felicity suspected that Gus was still alive and was trying to contact her.

Felicity and Hetty travelled to South Carolina in search of Gus Pike. While questioning several people about Gus, Felicity finally found a young sailor named Jimmy, who survived the Maid of Calais wreck and knew Gus.

Jimmy recalled that Gus refused a lifeboat and heroically stayed behind to send a signal, in hope that a vessel would rescue them. Jimmy claimed that Gus drowned, but Felicity was unwilling to give up.

Felicity continued her search and found Megget Lydie, who eventually led her to where Gus was located. Felicity was finally reunited with Gus, but was devastated when he didn't recognize her and furiously told her to leave.

She discovered that Gus was blinded after the wreck and that a troller picked him up while he was barely conscious. Gus told Felicity to get on with her life, but Felicity claimed that she wouldn't return to Avonlea without him (7.11: Return to Me). Gus finally decided to return with Hetty and Felicity, but was distraught when Felicity told him that she was engaged to Stuart McRae.

Felicity confronted Stuart, returned his engagement ring and told him that "finding Gus changed everything." Shortly afterwards, a heartbroken Stuart left Avonlea. Gus went to Charlottetown for a surgery that he hoped would restore his eyesight.

He survived the surgery but his recovery would be in question. While Felicity believed Gus was unconscious, she asked him to marry her. A perfectly conscious Gus accepted. Finally, after all the obstacles they had overcome, Gus and Felicity were married (7.13: So Dear To My Heart).

The War Years

In December 1914, Gus was serving as a Naval telegrapher in Halifax. Felicity informed Cecily that she and Gus would be expecting a baby in 6 months (Happy Christmas Miss King).


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  • Gus Pike appeared in the following 27 series' episodes (plus archive footage in film Happy Christmas, Miss King):

    Episode 2.2: How Kissing Was Discovered
    Episode 2.3: Aunt Hetty's Ordeal
    Episode 2.8: Sea Ghost
    Episode 2.9: All That Glitters

    Episode 3.2: But When She Was Bad... She Was Horrid (Part 1)
    Episode 3.3: But When She Was Bad... She Was Horrid (Part 2)
    Episode 3.5: Another Point of View
    Episode 3.7: A Dark and Stormy Night
    Episode 3.8: Friends and Relations
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    Episode 3.12: The Calamitous Courting of Hetty King

    Episode 4.2: Lady and the Blade
    Episode 4.3: Incident At Vernon River
    Episode 4.4: Boys Will Be Boys
    Episode 4.5: Moving On
    Episode 4.6: Evelyn
    Episode 4.7: The Dinner
    Episode 4.8: Heirs and Graces
    Episode 4.9: Hearts and Flowers
    Episode 4.10: Felicity's Perfect Beau
    Episode 4.11: The Disappearance

    Episode 5.1: Fathers and Sons
    Episode 5.3: Modern Times
    Episode 5.11: Otherwise Engaged

    Episode 6.1: The Return of Gus Pike

    Episode 7.11: Return to Me
    Episode 7.13: So Dear to My Heart


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